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    amn kyboar

    what os it man whn on olumn of your kyboar onstintnly stops working, thn starts again smingly ranomly?
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    How long until artists stop releasing albums entirely?

    Im in the process of reading a great article on Rick Rubin, and it occurred to me that it cannot be long until artists give up on the notion of the album entirely. Or at least of an album released all at once. Obviously iTunes, and song-by-song downloading are the main culprits, but the seeds...
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    you can literally hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs

    Monster spider web spun in Texas WILLS POINT, Texas (AP) -- Entomologists are debating the origin and rarity of a sprawling spider web that blankets several trees, shrubs and the ground along a 200-yard stretch of trail in a North Texas park. Lake Tawokoni State Park rangers Mike McCord...
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    Canadia... what is wrong with you people?

    First of all, your cigarettes cost more than Chicago, and thats an accomplishment. Second, your alcohol costs 5 times as much. It was like $30 or something for a case of Pabst! Anyway, this is about music. I went to the WEMF a bit ago, my first time. It stands for "World Electronic Music...
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    From Blackdown's most recent Pitchfork column: Is this "Last Saloon Swagger" coming out on vinyl? Or "Sensei"? Anywhere i can hear either of them?
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    Imagining the 10th Dimension

    Interesting video explaining how to try and understand the 10th dimension and those underneath it. Kinda lost me at some point. I mean, it makes sense, but its hard to keep everything underneath it in its place while tying to grasp each new dimension. Still informative and gets me excited for...
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    Can someone recommend....

    .. a good Spanish-English Dictionary (specifically Mexican-American)?
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    UEFA cup en espanol

    Being an American w/o cable, i missed the entire UEFA cup process, and am jsut now watching the highlights. (in what i believe to be russian?) absolutely some wicked soccer (football, whatever), but what struck me is that 3 of the top 4 teams were...
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    Did Phil Spector do it?

    I hadnt thought of this case in a little while, until i saw an update in Billboard's news. So now Im wondering, what do you think? You think he did it? Or was it suicide? Heres all the evidence to date: And from what i can gather, Spector is a strange...
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    Largest Penis in the Avian World - I swear this is news.

    "In a world where most bird species downplay their family jewels, the unusually fantastic genitals of ducks pose an evolutionary puzzle for scientists." and here...
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    National Geographic article on Hip Hop Not sure what to say about this. Its cursory history as it relates to the Bronx can be found in a lot of other places, and a lot more complete. I do like that he unabashaedly discusses this from a middle class, middle-aged standpoint, which...
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    Ok, Im not real sure what this whole Breakstep thing is all about. I got into Dubstep via breaks a couple years ago and have since been trying to mix the two together while i continue to do both seperately. Also, I have a tendency to be unsure what label to put on a lot of my records. Dark...
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    Colony Collapse Disorder

    According to "bee experts", there is a new disease rampaging through migratory, and now it seems non-migratory bees: Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. (it sounds like an album name to me) The main factor in this is said to be "stress". linky...
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    Surgeon and Dubstep

    From the most recent Boomkat newsletter: "...belying Surgeon's current fixation with the darker end of the dubstep/breakstep spectrum". I havent really heard anything about this, and a cursory google search doesnt really shed any light, neither does a search of this forum. Was/Is Surgeon...
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    50 Cent, Sniper E, and.... Grime spam?

    Just today I received this email: Is 50 cent set to sign a UK Grime act to G-Unit Records? The UK’s first member of G-UNIT Rumor has it that the international rap super star 50 Cent is in talks with a UK management company to close a deal, which could propel the UK Underground Grime Scene...
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    This might not be everyone's, or anyone's, cup of tea. But here is a ska mix i made this summer, right after Desmond Dekkers death Ska, Ska, Ska! lemme know what you think. its basically mostly my favorite songs. nothing exhaustive or representative. just fun. (its 90 min long, so computer...
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    Lightning Strikes

    Lightning exits woman's bottom October 09, 2006 12:00am Article from: The Australian A WOMAN has suffered severe burning to her anus after being struck by lightning which hit her in the mouth and passed right through her body. Natasha Timarovic, 27, was cleaning her teeth at home when...
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    BPI seeks A&R tax breaks

    BPI seeks A&R tax breaks "The UK record industry has called on the government to give it tax breaks on the money it spends on finding new artists." Full Article: Ok, something really irks me about this. I dont think its just...
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    DnB Liberation 2 in Chicago - TONIGHT!

    I was asked to VJ this show on Wednesday. Im jst starting ot Vjing, and dont have enough raw footage for a whole night, so Im borrowing and Edirol V4 and mixing in live Atari 2600 footage. Should be cool. Any Chicago cats wanna come, email me and at the very least, I can get a discount...
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    Bassline House

    Just the name of the (sub)genre gives rise to a variety of reactions within me. Ive been spinning a lot of breaks and dark garage recently, and have noticed the mainstream club music taking a decidedly crunchy, fuzzy, electro feel here in the US (Chicago specifically). Because of this, i find...