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    Adam Curtis

    Hope all you in the UK watched the first parts of Curtis' new doco 'All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace' last night (whilst I had to labour for about 3 hours to get proxy server shite working so I could watch it on BBC iPlayer). I assume there are Adam Curtis fans here? Viewing all of...
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    Nostalgia/Back in tha Dayz-themed hiphop tracks.

    This here is a shout-out to anyone who can think of any great hiphop tracks that are 'nostalgia' themed. That doesn't just mean any track that makes you feel nostalgic (or we'd be here all day) - but tracks in which the subject matter is concerned with reminiscence about the past, growing up...
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    Minimal Tech, Electro etc

    Yeah so i figure this is something really amazing and great that is good to still talk about and keep up with. Berlin is a very happening place Sherburne has pretty much got it covered, but anyone got any goodies they want to leak? cheers, rob :)
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    dubstep starters....

    so come on then , allow me just to jump in and just ask someone to just recommend me the best dubstep shit around for someone who has listened to basically none of it but wants to hear all of the definitive records from the past 5 years... or at least a link somewhere to a good rundown of all...
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    Les Rallizes denudes

    Les Rallizes? FUck YEAH one of the greatest examples of 60s Japanese liberation freak out, along with Takehisa Kosugi and Yasunao Tone's flux-era reworking of traditional Noh theatre in their band 'Group Ongaku' (check THAT shit out!). I'm sure if Alan Cummings were around he'd rant about...
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    Field Recording Equipment

    Hey guys I'm currently aquiring my equipment for field recording shi-ite, was wondering if anyone had any tips/suggestions concerning which particular equipment i should look for. I'm going to purchase a SONY TCD-D100 DAT walkman this afternoon from ebay, and now have to purchase a microphone...
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    One of the reasons Music is great

    Do we all agree that one of the great things about music is that its art that doesn't have to be viewed in the context of the artworld and can thus, thanks to 20th century experimental, be basically anything? And better yet, how do we feel about the artworld in general And do we agree that the...
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    Stan Brakhage, hey

    Just found a dude on Soulseek who has a bunch of early avant garde films, including some Kenneth Anger, Kris Bargerg, Derek Jarman and even Man Ray's' Le Retour A La Raison' and Marcel Duchamp's 'Anemic Cinema'. Pretty cool find considering this stuff's ridiculously hard-to-come-by nature...