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  1. yyaldrin

    where have i been

    does anyone know if it's technically possible to retrace where i have been? i went to a party on saturday and while driving my bicycle home i decided it would be better to walk and so i parked it somewhere but i can't remember where? i just drove the route i think i would have taken but i...
  2. yyaldrin

    mysterious calendar

    i just bought this but have no clue how to use it? does anyone know what this is?
  3. yyaldrin

    the child

    there is this german radio show i sometimes listen to and they always treat a specific subject and discuss this with children. they go on air and are interviewed. the other day the question was "what is the difference between animals and humans" and the little kid said "humans wear sunglasses...
  4. yyaldrin

    Lifestyles of the Laptop Café

    conceptually this was quite prophetic wasn't it? the laptop café really is a desolate place in my opinion. do you guys drink coffee's in café's? how does it make you feel? there's one café around my corner that i sometimes go to, it's ran by a turkish family and they sell cheap coffee and some...
  5. yyaldrin

    help me identify a cactus

    this medusa looking cactus is what i want
  6. yyaldrin

    mix for the astral plane blog

    realized i never posted this here before, maybe someone will enjoy it Ghost Kwini – Interlude 1 (Entering) Arca – Fossil TCF – 54 C6 05 1C 13 CC 72 E9 CC DC 84 F2 A3 FF CC 38 1E 94 0D C0 50 5C 3E E8 Ghost Kwini –...
  7. yyaldrin

    Songs that you can play when you are being followed/chased

    Does that make sense at all? What comes to mind?
  8. yyaldrin

    Ghost Kwini - The Einstein Tomb

    Thirty minutes of my own productions. Maybe one or two of you would like it!
  9. yyaldrin

    Non-English rap

    I was reading this Guardian article ( and was wondering if you all had some non-English rap favourites as well. Could be any language I guess. Or is everybody here from either the UK...
  10. yyaldrin


    Now this guy is something else right? I'm not usually that excited about music because there's so much of it and so little that really stands out but Arca is something new and something alien that strikes me in a way that few artists do. They premiered one of his tracks of his forthcoming album...
  11. yyaldrin

    Production mix

    Hi guys, put together a mix with some tracks I made this year. You can stream it here: Hope you like it.
  12. yyaldrin

    EP, mix.

    Guys, I recently released a small EP on Sonic Router records, thought I should share it here. You can stream it here or buy it here (or on bleep, juno et cetera). Along with this release I made a mix for the Liminal Sounds blog, background info can be found here...
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    I was wondering if it could be possible to make this forum compatible for Tapatalk?
  14. yyaldrin

    Becoming Real

    Does anyone know what happened to Becoming Real, I kinda liked his tunes and he seemed to have disappeared or something? Did he stop producing?
  15. yyaldrin

    Ghost Kwini - Antilounge mix

    Guys, here's the set I played last saturday. Maybe one of you'z are interested in it. Most of it is my own work. Would love to get some feedback on it. Some of the tracks aren't really mastered very well but there's a lot of ideas in it at least. Let me know...
  16. yyaldrin

    Live mixing.

    So I've been making music for some while now and recently I've been asked to play my own music at a small free festival, I'm quite enthusiastic but I have one big dilemma: I have zero mixing skills, my knowledge about beat matching or the instruments used therefore are negligible. I do want to...
  17. yyaldrin

    wileys devils mixes

    guys is there any place i can buy some of his devils mixes? i'm looking for his tweet riddim in particular?
  18. yyaldrin

    Track ID.

    I'm losing my mind guys. There's this dub/reggae track I once had bookmarked, it's quite old and very lo-fi and all I remember is that the chorus goes something like this: "Travelling, travelling, travelling, we travelling to Ethiopia...". HELP ME PLZ. I need to hear it as soon as possible.
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  20. yyaldrin

    yyaldrin - babylon mix

    Played this at a small gig last saturday, maybe some of you will like it. waifer - shower hour dubplate mex - dpm murder refix gremino - lush zomby - 1up tlc - silly ho gatekeeper - storm column kuedo - visioning shared...