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    Priggishness and Piety.

    Dressing, being and thinking like that must be a sort of endurance sport for the non-athlete.
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    Delete London

    Only the Duke of Edinburgh is allowed to do it.
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    the child

    My recollection of childhood is of a succession of unclassifiable feelings, often linked to places, but also seasons.
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    Dinner of the Day.

    Do you put egg in it? I don't mind a fish pie, but I get frustrated at having to navigate my around hardboiled egg.
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    Did the clocks just go back?

    spring forward fall back
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    Dinner of the Day.

    Here you go Tea.
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    Terre Thaemlitz -- DJ Sprinkles

    I tried to find the point in Sprinkles and in Moodyman and in Theo Parrish. I really tried.
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    Dinner of the Day.

    And what are the chances of a voracious reader being called "Lecter"? Or a man with a weak heal being called "Achilles"?
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    I reckon the gap has narrowed.
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    But what are they like on the drgus?
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    More celeb lookalikes

    White Walker Mary Berry
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    Someone: Nobody lost ever lost a dollar underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
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    Parks, hotels and palaces.
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    80's Pop Poignance
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    Overeducated sports writers log

    Foster Wallace on Federer
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    Ask me to draw a picture

    We love it. Thank you.
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    Ask me to draw a picture

    My dog (you know the guy) on a throne, looking a bit disdainful.
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    Wells cathedral is stunning - chained library and all. Also the ruined bishops palace there is cool. But the countryside it sits in is oddly non-present, even though it must be a tenth the size of Winchester, and the mendip hills above it are impressive.
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    The cars you drive

    I have a Prius!