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    RIP Conrad Schnitzler

    A giant - when it comes to abstract electronic "sound art", nobody did it better than Schnitzler. Such an intuitive approach, so much great music.
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    Martinu chamber music

    Right now there's a record-and-book-fair-kinda-thing in the city where I live, lasting for a month with prices decreasing, and they have a lot of classical records. Among them is quite a bit of chamber music by czeck composer Bohuslav Martinu, mostly string and piano quartets, and I'm a bit...
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    12 note inevitability?

    Through the rambler blog I got around this interesting critique of the status of 12 note composition in music history: Now, I basically agree with the main point - that 12 note music is more a cult of technique than the heroic...
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    Germany in the 80s?

    Inspired by the krautrock thread, where we just slightly touched neue deutsche welle before it fizzled out, I'd like to hear peoples opinions about something that have really puzzled me. Now, no matter who you might consider the kraut canon of the 70s, there obviously was enough indisputable...