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    now available from produced by me cheers
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    gift idea's?

    sorry for such a boring post, but I was after dissensians opinions on what to get a really good girl friend (who isn't my girlfriend, she's a friend, who's a girl) for christmas. Don't know if you guys know of anything a bit out of the ordinary, and preferably something I can get delivered to me...
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    The Space Shuttle the final launch was this year, have been listening to the guardian science podcast's about it, which are really excellent, especially 'sounds of the space shuttle' (basically a vivid description of the launch/living conditions/re entry...
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    Fascinating on how it evokes such fond memories through smells, actions and such. When I'm in a stuffy room and I open the window, sometimes the fresh air makes me think of my days at secondary school. Like today for example it took me back so much, it's such a weird feeling, like treasured...
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    alex mix for truants blog Max B - Money Make Me Feel Better Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause Dj Swifty - Zimba Jam City - Arpjam Kentphonik - Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep Mix) The Dance Kings - Climb The Walls Dj Hotshot - Tins & Pans Kode 9 - Love Is The Drug...
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    alex deamonds every sunday 11am-1pm on rotation w/slackk & oil gang rolling thread

    alex deamonds every sunday 11am-1pm on rotation w/slackk & oil gang rolling thread Didn't really know where to post this and didn't want to take up a lot of room :-[ Tiffany - Ceda Hylo - LV & Quarta 330 Money, Cars And Clothes - Young Montana Do Ya Thang - Original Mix...
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    D££P FR££ZE

    Recorded on 2 x 1210's // Serato SL3 // Pioneer DJM800 Rolling Papers Featuring Wolf Haley - Domo Genesis epaR Featuring Vince Staples - Earl Sweatshirt Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus Nike - Original Mix - Mosca Tilt Shift Crooks - Mosca & Mobb Deep...
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    Favourite Chicago/Acid House Tracks

    After checking that Ghetto Division Mix earlier on in the year I have been obsessed. although that misses the epic start Apologies to the Mod's if there is a similar thread, please close this if that is the case :-)
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    Cold War Nuclear Testing

    From Mr Tea's thread re: Badass Phenom.. Yea @ Mr Tea if it had been the original 100tn proposed idea, it would have released fallout totalling to 25% of the total amount of fallout emitted since the first detanation of nuclear weapons. Excellent pictorial account of the Operation Crossroads...
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    [LON 23/7/10] Summer Lovin' Crack

    Downstairs Room £5 All Night/No G-List Available or email me for more info
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    Hi guys, hope ur all cool & that. Just wanted to know the best tracks you think defected has ever released, I have been getting into house a hell of alot lately, and have been exploring different styles & types. In awe of theyre vast back catalouge, I was wondering if you guys could pin-point...
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    Worst Ever DJ Experiences

    Just a thread that got started on DSF, had some pretty funny reply's. I know there is a hell of a lot of DJ's on here, so it would be good to get some of your tales and story's. I personally havent had any really majorly bad ones. Except playing Jam in Shoreditch and having some donkey...
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    [ldn] bomb xmas spesh 10/12/09

    This will be the xmas special, and how special it will be. We are planning to go b2b for about 3 hours, four way pressure! Then you got the man like Elemental to finish the night off! FREE ENTRY!! CHEAP DRINK & PENG FOOD....(NOT BUD)
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    Dj Heckling

    Well that is the best way to describe it in my opinion. I was asked on the 1st time I played out if I would play a CD that some guy was dead intent on listening to. When I said “mate, I cant, honestly, I already have stuff” he was like “don’t worry, it’s mixed” Skipple was asked to play lady...
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    Its All About #1 Featuring Deep Tek, Bok-Bok & More (25/02/10)

    Realise it isnt for a while yet.. Nonetheless...
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    Spam Fritter VS Un Bongo (not spam) @ corsica

    Hi Guys, dont want to spam it up in here, though some dissensians might be interested in this on saturday Un Bongo VS Spam Fritter At Corsica Studio’s 14/11/09 10pm-Onwards (I think, will reconfirm, Jay?) TROPICAL/FUNKY/GARAGE/BASS ROSKA (Rinse FM/FWD) WARLOCK (Rag n Bone) D-MALICE (Diamond...
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    I see a couple of Dis' members are aware

    but just so everyone knows has been started. This isnt an attempt to distract people from dissensus..just a heads up!!
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    Can somebody reccomend me more tunes like this! hope you can help me, really like the style of this track, want to build a set of it!!
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    Cod Liver Oil

    Yea so I am proper unhealthy, basically dont eat no fruit, hardly any veg and Dixy has never seen so much custom from me. However to make myself feel a bit better I have been taking a teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil, mixed with some milk (shaken for a minute, just to airate) then downing it, each day...
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    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Yea, so apparently he did. I wasnt even asked this year, jokers those Nobel people.