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  1. IdleRich

    Saul Adamcewski (Fat White Family, Insecure Men etc) plays Lisbon & Porto 23rd and 25th Sept

    Saul Adamcewski Live! 23rd Sept Compos Campolide, Lisbon & 25th Sept Ferro Bar, Porto With DJ support rom Lizatron and Idle Rich - tickets available soon....
  2. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds Radio show on Threads* Thurs 12th Aug at 1700 GMT

    So our monthly show rolls round again, live in two hours.... this is the blurb Here is the linky and, as always, it's the black player labelled with Threads* on the right side of the screen
  3. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on Threads* Radio Thurs 15Th July at 1700 GMT

    As usual we are on the Threads* player in the black box, nor the boring old Threads one with no star in the white box.´ Tracklist will follow in a few days no doubt
  4. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds at Cosmos Campolide from 1800 on 2/7/2021

    Playing some weird stuff with visuals from Pedro Antunes from 1800 until.... actually quite early.
  5. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on Threads* Radio Thurs 1700-1900

    Cosmos is Lisbon’s best new spot, supporting underground and experimental artists, much of this due to the influence of their founder, curator and resident DJ, our guest Ricardo Grussl, an enthusiast and collector who has turned in an hour of suitably leftfield invisible sounds… which Lizatron...
  6. IdleRich

    East Side Radio newsletter

    East Side Radio have this thing where each month they pick one of their regular djs and ask them to write about something for a news letter. You only have a very limited number of words and topics are getting more and more restricted but anyway Lizatron wrote about K Records and her favourite...
  7. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on Threads* Radio today (Thurs 20th May) 1700 - 1900

    As every it's the black button on the right that says Threads*
  8. IdleRich

    Monte Hellman

    Has died sadly. One of my favourite directors... the essential ones are The Shooting, Two Lane Blacktop and Cockfighter but there is always something there even when the film as a whole isn't great.
  9. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds all over your radio tomorrow - Thurs 22nd from 1600

    Seems we fucked up cos tomorrow our monthly pre-recorded show on Threads goes out at 1700 - 1900 on Threads* - the right hand player on the link below But we also agreed to be on East Side Radio LIVE from Arroz Studios from 1600 - 1800 oops.... So you pays your...
  10. IdleRich

    Worst serial killer films

    Yesterday we watched Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives in which the killer assumes the identity of each victim as he kills them - yet still manages to be incredibly predictable; today we watched The Bone Collector with, er, Angelina Jolie which is very stupid yet dull - and at the end she ends up...
  11. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds show Thurs 1700 with guest DJ Negative Skills

    Another special dissensian guest this time around... sometimes they call him @woops, other times it's DJ Negative Skills and on occasions it can be Extractor Fan - on Thurs they will all be there for the first hour of the show. More info to follow...
  12. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on Threads* Thursday 25th at 1700 GMT, with special guests.... Bunnyhausen & DJ Sarma!

    Normally I only mange to put this up at the last minute, but this time I'm very excited by the calibre of our guests and I'm actually remembering to do it in advance as I should. When I moved to London in 2000 there were two clubnights that I used to go religiously every month - one was Wang* at...
  13. IdleRich

    Texas Power Outage

    What the hell is go on in the US these days... in Texas I'm reading there are power outages in freezing weather, people dying from the cold and killing themselves with carbon dioxide heaters with no water to wash or even drink, queues in all the shops for basic supplies. And senator Ted Cruz has...
  14. IdleRich

    East Side Radio Thing (Today 17th Feb)

    I dunno what any of that stuff means but we're playing some records later.
  15. IdleRich

    Junot Diaz

    Anyone read this guy? To me he's just about interesting enough to merit his own thread instead of the passing mentions that are generated from the "what are you reading now?" thread. A few years ago I read his novel The Brief Wondrous LIfe Of Oscar Wao - a title there that is so stereotypically...
  16. IdleRich

    Phil Spector is dead

    Obviously a psychopathic sexist murderous cunt but also a genius who made some truly visionary music. And wore some incredibly progressive wigs. Always find the parallels between Spector and Joe Meek fascinating too. Travelled almost the same road in the end though Meek was more in a hurry to...
  17. IdleRich

    More Abandoned bits of Portugal

    The nth lockdown started in Portugal yesterday. For most of the rest of the time I've managed to cope with it all one way or another. I've enjoyed watching films, reading books, reading the internet, even trying my hand at some writing - and when I get really desperate I go on dissensus and talk...
  18. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on Threads* at 1800 today Sunday 10th Jan

    Our show going out quite randomly today cos the radio station was on a break over Christmas and they didn't tell us so we made a show. In fact this show was cursed cos also our guest was unfortunately unavoidably unable to get a mix to us so we had to do the whole thing at the last minute only...
  19. IdleRich

    Where the fuck is Edmund?

    Anyone communicated with him lately?
  20. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on East Side Radio 4pm Thurs

    Gloomy downbeat, fed up of bein locked up sound