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  1. luka

    Harmonising the Frequencies Mega-Ritual.

    when we doing this? tonight? tomorrow night?
  2. luka

    The Weather.

    this wind has really been working on my nerves. chaotic energy.
  3. luka


    is this necessary? to resacralise experience.
  4. luka

    A Glastonbury Romance.

    Version, read this book. It's got over 1000 pages so you will definitely like it.
  5. luka

    television made us be mean and horrible

    this is an argument which keeps coming up recently. there's been a huge number of essays on the topic. here's the one im reading now but its not original, it follows a now well worn template. there's been some talk here about the office and south...
  6. luka

    Ursula Le Guin

    i feel like there's potentially interesting conversations to be had about this writer. i can just sense it, hovering there.
  7. luka

    Meditations on Killah Priest. By Oliver Craner.

    this is what we've been waiting for. a series of thought provoking essays on the Killah Priest Mythos alongside some surgical dissections of individual songs from this sprawling ouvrere.
  8. luka


    im bang into them
  9. luka

    old school french montana

    ive long had an interest in the early years of French Montana
  10. luka

    give me something to listen to

    i feel a bit gross. heavy heat stroke. bleary and unfocussed. im going to get drunk. give me something to listen to. nothing too challenging please.
  11. luka

    Resistance is Futile.

    I keep meaning to start this thread but then wanting to wait till I have collected my thoughts and I feel intelligent but I'm starting to think that will never happen so I'm starting now while hungover and sunburnt. So much of pop culture is about the rebel. (insert examples eg Bob Marley...
  12. luka

    Tony Blair.

    my two best mates Oliver Craner and Sadman Barty revere this man. they would crawl over broken glass to kiss the hem of his garment. they literally have his poster on the wall. i do mean literally. i was never that bothered but watching this he was clearly a far better 'performer' than anyone...
  13. luka

    spotting the gang on youtube

    Matthew Ingram 1 month ago classic
  14. luka

    Yoga with Adriene

    this is the big thing everyone has been doing over lockdown. i did the 30 day challenge and now ive moved onto yoga camp. im on day 10 and the matra is 'i am present'. you can do it with me if you like. i will start in 5 minutes time then we can all talk about it after.
  15. luka

    Read the Room.

    when did this become a twitter cliche? can you read the room?
  16. luka

    life hacks

    i re-read capitalist realism while i was away. read it in an afternoon. raced through it. very enjoyable and i recommend a revisit. one thing that struck me is how there are now huge popular movements with their attendent grifters and conmen, dedicated to addressing one of the big things he was...
  17. luka

    xtra urban

    this is a sequel to rinse fm pop. me and barty were trying to find the uk 'urban pop' records with the most views. some of the things were familair eg stormzy's shut up has 100 million views. other stuff was way more popular than i ever realised, eg wstrn have videos with tens of millions of...
  18. luka

    WHAT CANNOT BE SPOKEN: study & discussion group 25 to llford we were all breathing diesel fumes for breakfast your festive sandwich. Floating stars, and we're here again. Hardly. It kept promising me. And I kept chasing. Wanted so much I wanted. A...
  19. luka

    Group Listening Party Fun Time

    Up for all putting this on and making insightful/sensuous/flirtatious/insulting/abusive/cheeky/perplexed remarks about it in real time? 9 o clock? This was something Barty wanted to do but didn't get round to it. Communal...
  20. luka

    PREDICTION TABLET study & discussion group.

    Digitised for the first time and made available for the masses 2018's Prediction Tablet is often described by critics as the long poem of the 21st century. Baffling as it is illuminating, cryptic as it is crystal clear, Prediction Tablet is one of the few poems which can be described without a...