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    best obscure Wikipedia pages? "The Monobloc is one of the few objects I can think of that is free of any specific context. Seeing a white plastic chair in a photograph offers you no clues about where or when you are."
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    The definition of Science Fiction

    i had a philosophy professor who said "imagine if, suddenly, all the denim in the world dematerialized" and invited us to look around the room to explore the implications
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    why is ambient so popular now

    i remember ambient being popular with dads in the 1990s - usually post-hippie types with hi-fi stereos and full beards
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    The definition of Science Fiction

    Star Wars comes to mind it is a space opera, not an exploration of the consequences of a scientific innovation
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    rolling tv thread

    i just finished Bojack Horseman deeply existential and hauntingly good best show i've seen in ages not properly TV though, is it? episodic, but not broadcast
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    Four Horsemen
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    Kate Tempest, Sleaford Mods, Modern Toss, Brexit and the 2011 riots

    listening to Kate Tempest now. she's coming to my town (Philadelphia) in a couple weeks. funny, i just revisited the first Streets album after a Sleaford Mods interview referenced it as an influence. i had not listened to it in a while, i understand it is celebrating a 15th anniversary. holds...
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    The Big Hello Thread

    welcome richwill what is your quest?
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    The Big Hello Thread

    your english is better than mine what is your native tongue? part of dissensus 101 is Woebot's 100:
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    ^ a stone cold classic speaking of classics, i lent bladerunner to a friend who had never seen it. his roommate, who had seen it once before, had this to say: So I watched blade runner for the second time, and I have to say I just don't dig it. I know it's supposed to be this great pivotal...
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    The Big Hello Thread

    hello! welcome aboard i'll keep posting if you do o
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    in the late 80's USA, i seem to remember saying "sike" instead of "not". It may be a regional thing.
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    Conspiracies in literature

    i am just starting Illuminatus Trilogy again (i didn't get through it my first go 'round, it was a library book and i was out of renewals) anyone want to join me?
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    Films about music

    i just watched Miles Ahead this week it was entertaining - it won't change your life, but worth a spin don cheadle is very good
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    It's great when you're straight

    that's a big takeaway for me after an intenser than expected trip. so happy that everything is back in its right place.
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    It's great when you're straight

    i don't always want a peek behind the curtain
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    It's great when you're straight

    i've pretty much stopped buying herb but nevertheless it finds me every now and again my thing is, i never ration it, so when i have it, i smoke it till it is gone - like all day every day if i could just have two puffs every now and again, that would be perfect i shroom on major holidays, so...
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    what are you reading now?

    DQ never felt like a chore - i can see how parts of MD can feel like a slog. i love MD though.
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    did i already mention i'm reading Black Panther by Ta Nehisi Coates? And World of Wakanda, the spin-off? BP takes ages to get going, but it is getting pretty interesting now also reading Louis Riel by Chester Brown finally i'm sure i'm the only person who hasn't already
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    what are you reading now?

    i finished Don Quixote i just had to tell somebody