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    Stephen King phobia?

    I have been trying to get over a deep-seated aversion to Stephen King's novels by starting on Gunslinger, the first installment of the Dark Tower series*. I am on my second try with this book, having only made it three pages in on my first attempt last year (as the bookmark attested). I've...
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    talking with the sun ra arkestra

    just thought you might want to have a listen to this brief interview with the sun ra arkestra the baddest big band on the planet (in full disclosure, one of the interviewers is someone i used to DJ with)
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    faust tour

    caught Faust last night unfuckingmissable my first time catching them i was looking forward to it, though i was prepared to be disappointed it was a singular experience GO! here are tour dates: <table><tbody><tr><td>Sep 30th</td> <td>Schenectady, NY</td> <td>GE Theatre @...
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    chill out

    any chill out recommendations? preferably early 90s, with samples, space-themed a plus. been listening to KLF's Chill Out and Space records obsessively, peppering in the first couple Orb albums here and there. looking for more in that vein. halp! (i did search the site but that didn't work out)
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    david lynch: interview project

    here is one of 121 video portraits of americans done by david lynch the man seems to have a long-running fixation on americana hard to tell that the man is behind the project besides the subtle sense of "askewishness" (tm) and the shots of highways through a windshield i like what i see but i...
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    hellman's The Shooting and a recent viewing of the Twin Peaks series has gotten me thinking about doubles. currently reading dostoyevsky's The Double. it comes up in Tarkovsky's Solaris, kind of, and in Carpenter's The Thing. i am sure y'all can grow this list. activating relevant schema...
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    Library Music

    Ladies and Gents, Library music? I searched but I did not yield a thread about this. In particular, I am curious about the various BBC Radiophonic Workship comps that are floating around. And to be more specific, I am looking for Rene Cosy recordings-----I have heard (and love) that track...
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    mythical creatures bestiary

    the jackalope is an american phenomenon, i think. are any non-US-based dissensians familiar? a rabbit with a rack of horns, essentially. not sure about its origins, but it is a popular legend in the american south. and west. american southwest. from a postcard on my desk: The Western...
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    cartoon music

    raymond scott music has got me thinking about cartoon music. there's carl stalling who scored WB cartoons using themes from raymond scott recordings. we've got oingo boingo frontman danny elfman scoring simpsons. and then john zorn comes along with his cartoon "chamber music". mr bungle is...
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    surveillance in the arts

    there is almost a surveillance aesthetic. paranoiac. black/white. grainy. the wire: sneakers: the conversation: antonioni's blow up and di Palma's blow out fit in here---spectatorship, rear window morality (actually Hitchcock's rear window fits in here----even bits of mobile surveillance...
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    cavemen in space TM

    is there a precedent for a cavemen in space story? i think this could be a fantastic film. i hereby copyright the idea.
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    Raymond Scott Archives on Getting Ahead of Ourselves

    Jeff Winner, Curator of the Raymond Scott Archives, will be our esteemed guest on Getting Ahead of Ourselves. Two solid hours of raw synth sounds from the archives. We would be pleased to have you with us! (big thanks to for the flyer-design) WE ARE ON EASTERN TIME!
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    national film board of canada archives now up

    yeah that's right! :cool: