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    decadent pop, nail bar soul, your desire is an algorithm

    Sex with a ventriloquist.
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    thirdform has covid

    I'm sure a healthy dose of speedcore and japanese harshnoise will cure it but entertain me. No 10500 wanks per week now.
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    feeling sick after fap trademark

    is 10500 times a week too much then?
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    a good cause

    my geezer is homeless rn and we're hoping to hit a £500 bassline so that he can scrape together enough to pay his deposit before his Housing Benefit/PIP all gets sorted. Please help if you can, no matter how small, anything will be appreciated. Cheers...
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    first album i asked for

    Woebot spoke about them. 60 m Raks metal cassettes. Straight from the dealers in Dalston, 1996. Has everything you need in a pop album. apocalyptic euphrates wailing, proto-junglistic rhythms, great melodies. The title track in retrospect is really dud but everything else still slaps. If you...
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    hd crash

    I just had a massive 6TB hard drive crash and had to reformat the whole disk, data recovery software sadly did not work. Would the dissensus hivemind be able to provide me with the stuff which is nigh on impossible to replace? Stuff I'm thinking of would be as follows: Rinse FM shows...
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    DJ Smirnoff Counter Culture hero - Destructed Club (Sat 14th August) some time after 8 PM

    Authentic trueskool hauntology from 1990, proto-proto Burial, the club will be destructed brick by brick as the happless punters are left screaming, wailing, gnashing teath and sobbing, but nothing of value will be lost. DJ Jihad will be observing his protege's work from the seventh heaven...
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    RIP Paul Johnson

    Devastating loss to wake up to, he was also helping to keep the avant-lumpenism of house alive when the sound had gotten all so sophorific in the mainstream, parallel to what the jocks in London were doing, and in fact in many ways predating the UK garage sound of speeding up dubs. He is going...
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    Peter Rehberg has passed away

    totally shocked. huge influence on me. Some of the worst news to wake up to.
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    cologne, the magical city

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    scritti politti

    decent idea, terrible execution. Especially can't stand Green Gartside's voice, sounds like an undergraduate who never graduated. Although Derrida himself was not innovative, just for kids who didn't study midrash or go to madrasa to learn tafsir.
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    sadmanbarty's techno breakthrough

    hes left @luka and gone to the dark side of the tyrannical stomp. Can't get bloody enough of it. Even wanted me to compile a list of 10-20 top techno sets of all time. Even wants to shag blokes on crystal meth to it in some dingy East German basement now. @sadmanbarty take it away.
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    proper baader meinhof Prussian techno

    no berghain nonsense. Strictly real industrious german business. no compromises.
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    DJ Jihad is on Holiday fasting so that fury sharpens the mind

    DJ Jihad is on holiday, fasting so that he becomes hungry and fury (inevitably) sharpens the mind. This afternoon on Confield Corrosion crew, you will be treated by a member to noisy, anhedonic swamp gloom dubstep, nanotech electro and dysphoric jungle to liven up your petite soiree. tune in...
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    barty's guide to the post-punks

    This is going to be so great. Which sacred cows will get slaughtered first? @sadmanbarty @luka
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    DJ Jihad - Da Trance too Dark for Gilles Peterson

    Did a little 30 m mix for Worldwide FM which wasn't what they were looking for. Never hurts to try does it, and the dj was quite positive about me pursuing my grungey path. Watch this space for a soundcloud link.
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    DJ Jihad approached prayers with a mind befogged, tomorrow evening, some time after 8 PM

    You know the deal by now. Yer granny was given 15 tabs of orange sunshine and had a psychotic breakdown. jungle, techno, oriental crime and other mutants. Will update the thread when I get a proper time. tune in at As ever, no apologies for getting hyped and...
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    the scuba-ification of mainstream dance music so many things to say about this, but The ungodly monster of rockism and poptimism amalgamating into a tory creamfields hydra. This has been going on for years, granted, but it's funny how rave means 90s nostalgia, rather than that 'hooligan...
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    The big British whinge off

    one for @luka, @version and @shiels