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  1. Mr. Tea

    Bill Gates/George Soros appreciation thread

    I truly believe that the best hope for our species' survival in the coming century lies in the selfless actions of liberal billionaire philanthropists. Only they have the resources and vision to keep us all healthy and vaccinated, and they may even be able to do something about overpopulation...
  2. Mr. Tea

    MEGALITHS - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc.

    Paging @WashYourHands... This is so cool. The bluestone vr5r2es that form the oldest megalithic phase of Stonehenge have been traced to a specific site in Pembrokeshire, where an existing stone circle was mostly dismantled around 3000 BC and dragged to its present location, 140 miles away. And...
  3. Mr. Tea

    SEA SHANTIES - breaking news, gossip, piracy, pressgangings, etc.

    Hark now, ye scurvy land-lubbers! Lovely five part-version here:
  4. Mr. Tea

    Luka's thread to explain why we're now starting threads on each other's behalf all the time

    Who started this? Why is it a thing?
  5. Mr. Tea

    On the Spirituality of Money

    The Eye atop the Pyramid on the $ bill. The status of usury not only as a crime, but as a sin. Islamic banking. The Protestant work ethic and material success as a sign of God's favour. Edit: THANKS TO SHIELS, WHO IS TOTALLY COOL AND NOT BOTHERED ABOUT THE VALIDATION OF STRANGERS ON THE...
  6. Mr. Tea

    Massive Luxury Overdose - Work EP

    A very old friend of mine (Ilya - @IdleRich knows her too) is half of a coldwave/EBM duo called MASSIVE LUXURY OVERDOSE, and they've put this great EP out on BandCamp: Overall feel to it: coming up hard on a fat line of speed amidst the...
  7. Mr. Tea


    I've just, belatedly, found that you can no longer get proper San Pellegrino with an adequate amount of sugar in it, due to the government's idiotic and regressive sugar tax. All you can get now is this garbage with "stevia" in it, whatever the fuck that is, and it tastes like a tramp's arse...
  8. Mr. Tea

    Steven Seagal

    OK, so this thread is so we can stop polluting version's wonderful JCvD thread with Seagal. I know virtually nothing about Seagal except that he's obvious a total tosser and a great candidate for a general figure of fun, so let's go. I'll start with the observation that he appears to be the...
  9. Mr. Tea

    Who hates Robert MacFarlane the most?

    ***PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ANSWERING THE POLL UNTIL LUKA AND STINKYBOY HAVE EACH HAD A CHANCE TO MAKE THEIR CASE*** This thread is for the two of them to demonstrate the intensity of their loathing for the country's foremost curator of twee archaic dialect words for a particular type of cloudy...
  10. Mr. Tea

    Educating Craner (about wine)

    OK so I think the DotD has been derailed enough by the wine chat, and since we're all becoming lockdown alcoholics I thought we could do with a proper thread about wine. I'll start, but I really don't know a great deal (just enough to have some idea of how much there is to know, I think), so I'm...
  11. Mr. Tea

    version's Thomas Pynchon masterclass

    OK. So. Shall we give this a whirl? I'm going to read GR again, starting tonight. It confused he hell out of me the first time around, which I guess is the point.
  12. Mr. Tea

    Thread for HMGovt to post tracks and describe them in a portentous way

    Portentous and/or pretentious. I thought this was well cool: Tell us about the time a darkside jungle tune reminded you of Grendel emerging from the mists of his haunted mere on the tail end of a mushroom trip in a service station car park. Or...
  13. Mr. Tea

    Special thread for Mystic Craner's election predictions

    Assuming we haven't reached total election-chat saturation yet, I'd love to see what our resident election prediction guru par excellence has to say about what's going to happen on Thursday. His cryptic comment the other day that he thinks "Labour are going to do quite well" piqued my interest...
  14. Mr. Tea

    Take a photo that sums up what's going on in your life right now.

    (in b4 Rich says "That's pretty poor, Ollie - you should be potty-trained by now at the very least.")
  15. Mr. Tea

    DOIN' THE LAMBETH WARP: novel-length story collection - out now on Kindle!

    Bizarre and gruesome disappearances in Dalston and Bloomsbury; a city-wide catastrophe triggered by an ancient monolith; the ghastly truth about Harrow; drugs, decadence, incest, madness, murder; a diabolically bad pub band and the most excruciating dinner party of all time: all this and much...
  16. Mr. Tea

    Pointless but it freaks me the fuck out

    What freaks you out? Especially about yourself. I just spent a good minute looking for my phone. Turns out I was *holding it*. I've had a couple of beers, scarcely wasted. Like what the actual fuck.
  17. Mr. Tea

    Mass shootings

    Thought it was high time we had a general thread about this. Some points about the most recent spate: * Trump continues to prove there is no absolute zero of decency by offering the usual vapid thortsnprairs and, in the next tweet, reiterating the need for "immigration reform". God knows it's...
  18. Mr. Tea

    Amsterdam - what's good?

    I'm going for a few days next week with my girlfriend. I've been before but only for day trips or to kill a few hours before waiting for a plane or train connection. Would love some recommendations for where to go/what to do/what to see. More on the cultural and food/drink side of things than...
  19. Mr. Tea

    luka-approved ANTI FART PANTS

    luka sent me a PM in strict confidence about this miraculous technology but I thought it would be unforgivably selfish of me to keep this news to myself. I quote: "theyve totally revolitionised my life! now i can have the confidence to go out in public without fear of embarassing myself with...