brave but foolish

  1. Alfons

    Die Antwoord

    The internet went boom on these guys like boingboing put it ( youtube vids:
  2. T

    i just looked at the 'search tag cloud' thing in the user profile here

    and it comes up with: 天野尚 *cums in a sock* animism vs. cybernetics aquacrunk baroness phwoaarr!-si belly full of crap blackathena black athena brave but foolish broad cumbucket butt doctor capitalism clenched epistle cunts dubstep fuck dog funky finney fush grubby t-shirt salesmen guru josh i'm...
  3. E


    I've rewritten a blurb about 5 times. Fuck it. Any thoughts? <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  4. Z

    Hall of Shame - pitiful events of immense embarrassment which you will never forget

    at an Ngoma event a few months ago i stupidly fucked up. that night i was under a lot of pressure, first event in a long time, new venue, by 1 AM the place was still pretty empty... and sometimes when i'm stressed i tend to drink. so i had like 4 or 5 beers and then someone gave me a joint...
  5. STN

    Drunk food

    My mate was telling me about these things called parmos that Northern people eat when they're drunk. I've become obsessed with trying one. The second picture on this page is especially appalling:
  6. sufi

    'cracktro' music & keygen bravado

    an under appreciated art form - software bandits' tags off war3z/cracked software... for some reason crackerz seem unable to resist signing their work, so these have evolved out of the elaborate ascII tags via amiga the...
  7. Z

    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    on CNN, the slight video time delay of the foreign correspondent on location in the little window -- after they've been asked a question it's always a blank stare for a second or 2... sometimes they look like they are silently judging the anchor and the question, sometimes they just look...
  8. sufi

    Met simon cowell tonight,

    met simon cowell tonight, an utterly surreal encounter was strolling down towards knightsbridge after eating lebanese food in the park, which was full of gulf tourists, lots of ladies in abaya & blokes in western garb looking like they miss their djellabia, when we come upon this strolling...
  9. T

    My plan to destroy Capitalism...

    Capitalism IS inevitable. Or more precisely, the world as it is today (of which Capitalism is a part) exists as the natural result of a cause/effect cycle that has been going on since the Big Bang. A natural ebbing/flowing of energies and the laws of physics and a reflection of what it means...