1. B

    what a time you chose to be born

  2. luka

    Thames Bones...

    when i was doing that blog i wrote about noticing that the banks of the thames are strewn with bones. it just occured to me to google for bones on the banks of the thames. http://www.britarch.ac.uk/ba/ba53/ba53news.html Burial in water `normal rite' for 1,000 years: skeletons, animal skulls and...
  3. luka

    Waterworks River closed/Greenway going

    waterworks river is now inaccessible. sealed off. the bow to stratford section of the sewerbanks is about to go. i think this is sad.
  4. rewch


    aphyonus basketwork_eel blob_fish chimaera_fish chimaera_pup coffinfish crab fangtooth hatchetfish lizard_fish prickly_shark umbrella_mouth_gulper_eel
  5. craner


    I haven't worked out how to introduce this thread yet. But I think it's necessary. So, um, what's your favorite shark? I like the megamouth shark, myself. But I'm weird. You? And why? Purple prose, please.
  6. sufi


    they're top, innit