1. luka


    What Simon Reynolds calls a scab class of grant vultures. https://pitchfork.com/features/article/2010s-rise-of-conceptronica-electronic-music/
  2. T

    i just looked at the 'search tag cloud' thing in the user profile here

    and it comes up with: 天野尚 *cums in a sock* animism vs. cybernetics aquacrunk baroness phwoaarr!-si belly full of crap blackathena black athena brave but foolish broad cumbucket butt doctor capitalism clenched epistle cunts dubstep fuck dog funky finney fush grubby t-shirt salesmen guru josh i'm...
  3. &

    So what's this rationalism thing all about then?

    In quite a few lines of discussion around these parts - many of which have bounced off k-punk, natürlich - the question has been posed: What is understood by the term, 'rational'? Among other points and comments made in the discussion, Mark k-p has invoked Spinoza to coin 'Cold Rationalism' (I...
  4. S

    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    I think that the misanthropic strand to K-punk's thought is problematic and that misanthropes occupy a similar position to lawyers in the K-punk cosmology... I've met 'good' individual misanthropes - but they are a negative influence structurally.... I have to disentangle the misanthropy from...
  5. L

    K-Punk and the Catholics

    ' ... anti-Catholicism is no different to anti-fascism'. Eh? That's a pretty silly thing to say, really. It's like something out of a sixth-year debate. John Eden makes one good counter-point, but the main problem is that the whole 'argument' hinges on an extremely simplistic, not to say...