1. Corpsey

    New Rap

    Strictly nicked 4rom ILX (David Drake for the most part, in this case)... Cos I'm not honestly that into new rap anymore (For all i know) but I know there's ppl around like WebEschatology and Crowley who still have their ears to the ground and I'd like to hear the stuff they think's good. This...
  2. Corpsey

    Acid rap aka. dematerialised materialism

    Started because I've got this in my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grE7x-NeGw8 The title of the thread is a misnomer (and yes I'm aware of Esham), probably, because the stuff I have in mind is, I think, more inspired by ecstacy and prescription pills, but - when I did acid recently up...
  3. D

    What's Happenin' - A Rap Report (2011)

    This is a kinda Hip Hop 2011 mix I've just done. I did it for a non-hip hop audience, partly trying to show the range and diversity of the music these days. It's not anywhere near definitive or even aspiring to be - my game aint that deep - but I'm pretty happy with it. Good reflection of my...