time travel

  1. version

    The Great Dissensus Migration

    Since nobody else is making it, here's the "official" thread.
  2. Corpsey

    Stray thoughts under partial quarantine

    - I was walking in the park yesterday, from which you can see the shard and various other skyscrapers on the horizon. And I thought to myself how they look so distant now. Not just geographically, but temporally. That central London is now just a memory. You know that it's not functioning as it...
  3. nochexxx


    i'll be playing dubs at this doo.
  4. sufi

    what the f**k is the time anyway?

    can't work out if i lost or gained one hour of my life? can't work out which clocks are wrong or which are right - do i get to use this as an excuse for lateness tomoros? it's good tho, to time travel like this - we should do another calendar shift, the last time round sounded like a right...
  5. G

    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    this could catch on. this is on the same label as deadboy; sounds a bit kitsch to me, but im sure someone will like it. http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=255163
  6. luka

    What are you writing?

    i am writing a book more obtuse and funnier than finnegans wake. it will remodel todays society. it will reshape the minds of the youth. it will be utterly incomprehensible and will remain unread. i can't wait to finish it. i gave up on a ridiculous experiment in narrative bad influences...
  7. IdleRich


    Well, I didn't start on Sunday as promised but finally opened it yesterday and I'm only a few pages in but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has any thoughts. The first things that sprang to my mind so far: Blobjectivity - that's a joke right? All this stuff about the significance...
  8. D

    CERN Large Hadron Collider big bang experiment

    Has anyone managed to view the live feed? All seems to be going well so far anyhow, according to this: And the earth hasn't been swallowed up by a black hole just yet. :cool:
  9. Mr. Tea

    'Rot of the stars' - most Lovecraftian natural phenomenon EVER?

    "There have been reports of pwdre sêr (Welsh for rot of the stars) for centuries..." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_jelly Could be something more down-to-earth, of course, but still rather creepy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostoc
  10. swears

    Science fiction recommendations

    Gime me some good books/short stories to read. Quality New Wave/Cyberpunk stuff, no trash or space operas. It would be cool also if they've been stuck up on line somewhere to read for free.
  11. nomos

    Yo, Hermeneutics » default AfroFuturism thread

    EDIT: Started this as a request thread but thinking we can do a little more with it -- Just a request. I'm hoping maybe someone can help me find something. I'm reading a lot right now about black science fiction and afro-futurism. I've pulled together a lot of the foundational stuff over the...
  12. M

    the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    Hello there, am currently doing a bunch of research into the Radiophonic Workshop for my MMus dissertation. It's been mentioned in passing on here before, so i thought i might start a thread to gather people's thoughts and feelings on the music, legacy, influence, etc. Am perhaps particularly...
  13. Z

    time and techno

    a good way to know if one is "in the moment", according to Zen practices, is that when meditating, and someone comes up from behind and goes "BOOYAKA!" ---- if you are startled, you are not here of this time, but asleep or adrift in some other time; and if you are not startled at all, you are...