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Nina Sky were the first to voice on Black Chiney's Kopa rhythm. Couple of other artists (Kartel, Ele, Notch, Capleton) musta heard it and jumped on. I prefer the Nina Sky remix with Baby Cham, purely because of his "Eeeeeh!".

EDIT: Just heard that grimey RnB track I mentioned. Ashanti "Only You". Chune. Feedback from all who've heard it?
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The nina sky - move ya body remix w/ Vybz Kartel is excellent by the way, people should seek it out.


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Meshell Ndegeocello anyone?

and while were on the ragga / rnb tip - Cecile's "lovin it" , if you don't know get to know!


originaldrum said:
Meshell Ndegeocello anyone?
I don't like her as much as I feel I should. "Bitter" and "Cookie," yes, "Plantation Lullabies" and "Peace Beyond Passion," no, live, yes. I haven't heard "Comfort Woman." Has "Papillon" come out yet?

Whenver Meshell is mentioned, I think of Mark Anthony Thompson, aka Chocolate Genius. "Black Music" is awesome, but fairly old now. Did anyone hear "God Music"?


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be.jazz said:
Whenever Meshell is mentioned, I think of Mark Anthony Thompson,

phew"" for a moment i though you meant Anthony Worrell Thompson - but alas

and i hear ya man, in fact i had to dig up me old copy of cookie to spell the name right - i got a habit of blocking out the bad for the good


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The brandy album is great, a bit too saccharine at times, but "Come as you are" is superb..

I was hoping the LL cool J album would be a perfect companion to the Brandy one (its timbaland as well), but so far it sounds crap..


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what does everyone think of that new kelis single?
the one with the guy from outkast?
i downloaded it when the album first came out cause it was mentioned as being one of the good tracks,but it didnt make much impression on me and i only listened to it a couple of times
then i was in a friends house the other day and it came on mtv and i instantly loved it
all the little sounds and her voice totally make it
not to arsed about the outkast end of things but its just such a beautiful track

anyone else like it?
i'm downloading those teedra moses tracks now...


MolexRoots said:
I love the Kelis / Andre 3000 track "Millionnaire". Typical Outkast sound which I think is brill.
Yeah, Kelis barely makes an impression on what's supposed to be her own song. I haven't seen the video, though, is it any good?

Did anyone else think "Trick Me," especially in the intro before the beat kicks in, sounds like an old French song (not Tchaikovsky)? It's probably due to the acoustic bass playing a two-beat.

Listening to the second half of the album (from "Millionaire" on down): is it just me or does it mostly suck? Apart from "Stick Up" (with its cool church/vampire organ music (Rambler, what piece is it that vampires always play, if you see what I mean?) and what sounds like a MIDI trumpet at one point), it's pretty dire.
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That organ Kelis song was produced by Dame Grease who I believe is known for his work w/ DMX. The album is a let down I agree, though I remember the closing track being pretty.

On duets, right now I'm rather fond of the Usher/AliciaKeys, "My boo".

Is the Utada album getting any attention at all? It seems to have such a melting pot agenda (spelled out repeatedly in the lyrics) which does it few favors.