Grievous Angel Presents Twilight Circus In Dub: Exclusive Promo Mix

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden

Don't think I've posted about this...

Legendary (and extremely good!) modern roots and dub outfit Twilight Circus turned me loose on their entire back catalog so I could come up with what they call a "freQed and tweaked musical journey".

Check the exclusive vocal talent: Vocalists: Big Youth, Luciano, Mykal Rose, Brother Culture, Big Youth, Ranking Joe... WOW!

All in a dubstep /Grime friendly 140 bpm style mix.

88mb MP3 file
Running time: 1h4m

2 links for download


Love Dub Remix
Big Youth – Love is What We Need
Big Youth – Dub Is What We Need
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Acoustic mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Zion Train mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do
Luciano – What We Got to Do (G Corp mix)
Twilight Circus – Fams
Twilight Circus – Fams (JackDrag mix)
Twilight Circus – Depth Charge
Mykal Rose – No Burial
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Manasseh Mix)
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Rob Smith Remix)
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Struggle
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Version
Twilight Circus – Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder (Parice Scott Minor Remix)
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon (Blood & Fire Meets Wai Wan Remix – Dub Shop Style)
Twilight Circus – Dub Babylon
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon
Ranking Joe – World in Dub
Ranking Joe – World in Trouble
Twilight Circus – 808 (GYS Remix)
Twilight Circus – 808 Dub Plate
Ranking Joe – Don’t Try To Use Me
Twilight Circus – Shaka
Twilight Circus – Shaka (Alter Echo Remix)

This one's heavy! "The false leaders of the earth... too much war..."


Mechanical phantoms
Nice one! A couple of freinds of mine (who don't really know about dub music) saw Twilight Circus' 'Volcanic Dub' album in a second-hand record shop in Berlin and got it for my birthday pressie cos they know I'm into this stuff. I'll always be grateful :)