Naphta: Soundclash 1 (Grievous Angel Remix) Keysound LDN011

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Soundclash is out now on Keysound Recordings LDN011 so I thought I'd give it a little thread of its own.

140bpm junglist garage. Big hook, big bass, big vocal.

Destroys the dance every time. Proper tune. Best thing I've ever done.


Boomkat review ain't bad:

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
This week is crazy! The two best tunes I've ever done out today, remix album out in a few weeks, house mix about to drop, two mixes of wonky / r'n'b / dubstep about to drop, free release on Dust Science... and a new job on Monday!

I will put up a proper mp3 at some point though... that mix has a big lump of soundclash in it it too...

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
MP3 of the mix for Radio One with Soundclash and a bit of Harpy in it. Only 15 minutes but worth hearing.
39 Mb MP3.


Grievous Angel – ‘I Love Dem’ (Devotional Dubz)
Toasty – ‘Knowledge’ [Untold Remix] (Hotflush)
Grievous Angel – ‘Culture Killer’ [Discomix]
Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mngo’ (Hotflush)
Narcossist – ‘Metronome’ [Grievous Angel remix] (White Label)
Grievous Angel ft. Rubi Dan – ‘Move Down Low’ [VIP mix] (White Label)
Pearson Sound – ‘Wad’ (Soul Jazz)
Grievous Angel – ‘Harpy’ (Keysound)
Big$hot – ‘Glitch’ (White)
Naphta – ‘Soundclash1’ [Grievous Angel Remix] (Keysound)
23Hz Vs Numaestro – ‘Zuno’ [Sully Remix] (White Label)


The Ideas Train
where can i get the Ice Rink refix in London? Seems everywhere has sold out. Is there going to be a repress?

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Still in at distributor so should be around. Seems to be available at sounds of the universe, boomkat, bm soho, judging by the websites anyway.

Almost certainly no re-press, definitely no official digital.

Benny B

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picked up this and the ice rink refix yesterday in newcastle. brilliant stuff as per :D

Just one cheeky question. Are you still planning to do the third installment of your 94 Jungle mixes? I still listen to Jungle Dub 94 all the time on the the I/pod...

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Thanks for picking it up! Still going down a storm in the clubs :). Haven't done the funky vip of soundclash yet though...

Good and timely question! And you must get jungle got soul...

Yes is the answer. In fact I loaded up mylaptop with a stack of 94-era goodness for the gig last night but everyone was going crazy for the funky so I didn't need to rescue the dancefloor. (if in doubt... play jungle!)

So yeah. 94 amenz-heavy mix is coming. Might have to repeat a few from the previous sets though. And it will be a million times more obvious / worse mixed than what droid and naphta do!