Experimental Musician Top Trumps


It's all grist
OK, help me out here.

Has it been suggested before? If not:

What are the categories? (fame & influence/(un)listenability/secret weapon i.e. work/idea of note)?
Who would be the top scoring cards? Could you have, say, Stockhausen in it or if you did would you have to have the whole academy and all that? Or would it be some The Wire-endorsed universe where Stocky/Cage/Eno etc all share space? Sun Ra? George Clinton?

Sorry, just came up with this idea in the pub the other day and wasn't going to go further with it but somebody sent me a Top Trumps synth thing today. I wonder whether it could work, and though I hate all card games, I think I might enjoy playing this. Just like the idea of trumping someone with some ludicrous thing, like actual hipsterism made into a pisstake of itself, if such a thing were needed...

So yeah, any suggestions?


harco pronting
longest track

does john cage win this? he composed a neverending generative piece right?

comedy should be a category and Xper. Xr trumps top score here.

oh and harco pronting should be a category with harco being the only artist who harbours such points.
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