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You read my mind! I was thinking about starting a Sade thread today.

Probably the most underrated, exemplary artist/band of our times I think. I love the way they always sound so contemporary. And the way the production just pisses on anything else.

Me and a mate had a long conversation about Sade and Whitehouse once, how they were kinda comparable. I think K-punk should write about it.


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1. Went out with Robert Elms.

2. My mother played Diamond Life over and over while I played Lego as a child, hence a quiet leaning toward her, plus...

3. ...she is quite sexy, in an Apollonian way, like Toni Braxton and Denise Lewis. Black marble.

4. The lyric "coast to coast, LA to Chicago..." makes no sense. Chicago is nowhere near the sea.

5. Famous for Melody Maker journalist Chris Roberts defending her.

6. Does Oona King chic. Or did Oona do Sade chic?

7. Was treated well by UK garage and Shola.

8. Wasn't really that good, though, was she?

9. Next you'll be defending this!

10. I probably could.


heavy heavy monster sound
You're completely missing the point. She isn't a soul artist, she's an industrial artist and pisses all over Nine Inch Nails, Ramleh and all the others.


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i worship sade, there is really nothing negative to be said about her until love deluxe. if you have ever lost yourself in the city lights, you know sade. if you have ever touched a woman, you know sade. if you have ever dreamt of a turquoise sea you know sade. you know sade, craner, and she knows you. you need to listen to stronger than pride.

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Aww. Loved her long time. Stonger Than Pride is prob my fave Sade album and Sade cover pix. Same producer as Maxwell* apparently. She does the late night aesthetic so well. Yeah Bruno init. . .

* edit : Stuart Mattewman went to prod Maxwells Urban Hang Suit.
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est malade
she also had a genteel charm that i thought was rare for a performing artist, the opposite of this aggressive madonna-type femininity. if you see her expression in smooth operator it is a kind of shyness or reservation, really conservative in a way. the music is probably not very good but it was always more about mood or ambience than proper music, that was the point.
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Did anyone hear the band that was all of Sade without the singer (whatever her name was ;) ...?

I remember an OK track with a rap by Bahamadia around the same time as she was on 'New Forms'. I may well hate it if I heard it now.