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Hi guys,
I know its not really the done thing on here to start a new thread for a mix but i coudnt really see any other thread that this seemed relevant to (admins please move if you think thatits best placed elsewhere).

Anyway yes basically here is a new dancehall mix i put together for Hyponik. I got a bit carried away so the mix is about 90 minutes long with 67 tracks. Wanted to feature as many artists as possible and still do some runs of big riddims which i had enjoyed over the past six months or so. Have also tried to get a real variety of different styles in there. Theres a bit of reggae grime and hip hop to break it up but its overwhelmingly dancehall.

Any feedback welcome.

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Unknown Soulja Hyponik Promo Mix

1. Mr Vegas - Gallis (Tripple Bounce)
2. Aidonia - Bruk Out (Tripple Bounce)
3. Laden - Run Di Place (Tripple Bounce)
4. Movado - Hope & Pray (Tripple Bounce)
5. Ding Dong & QQ - Skip To Ma Lu
6. Leftside - See it Deh (10 Long 10 Strong)
7. Vybz Kartel - Seductive (10 Long 10 Strong)
8. Bugle - Unlimited (10 Long 10 Strong)
9. Ras Myrhdak - Bobo Love (Tenshun)
10. Sizzla - War (Tenshun)
11. Turbulence - Cursed Mouth (Tenshun)
12. Omar Cruz - Head While Im Driving
13. Chaka Demus - God Nah Sleep (Hot)
14. Ward 21 - Raggamuffin (Hot)
15. Bunny General - Ready fi the World (Hot)
16. Keesha - Shoulda let you go (Rustie resmak)
17. DJ Magic ft Badness - Badmind my Yout
18. Beyonce - Diva
19. Busy Signal - From Dem Diss
20. Alborosie - Cant Take What is Mine (Matches Lane)
21. Matthew Mcanuff - Di Herbs (Sun)
22. Movado - So Special (DJ Yohnny remix)
23. Demarco - About My Money (Airwolf)
24. Gaza Kim - Amen (England Town)
25. Shawn Storm - What Mi Really Like (England Town)
26. Likkle Danja - All I Need (England Town)
27. Leftside - In Deh (The Old Mattress)
28. Demarco - Nuh Whore (Go Go Club)
29. Blak Ryno - Bike Back (Go Go Club)
30. Vybz Kartel - Go Go Club (Go Go Club)
31. Grampa - Mi Tired (Go Go Club)
32. RDX - Wine Up (Mash Up)
33. Mr Vegas - Di Train (Mash Up)
34. Erup - Fight (Spark Plug)
35. Elephant Man - You Caan (Spark Plug)
36. Zebra - Right Away (Spark Plug)
37. Innocent - Will Power (G35)
38. Earthworm - Clowny (G35)
39. Spice - Dem a Chat (Troubles)
40. Assassin - Hands Inna Di Air
41. Focus Ryte - Name Brand Modelling (Style & Swagga)
42. RDX - Deliver Mi (Style & Swagga)
43. Elephant Man - You a Di Wife (School Bell)
44. Vybz Kartel - Gaza Ting A Ling (School Bell)
45. Lisa Hype - More Pon More (School Bell)
46. Charlie Black - No Way (Cheez Trix)
47. Natalie Storm - God Bless Me (Cheez Trix)
48. Rage - Hot Inna Your Clothes (Cheez Trix)
49. Lexus - Pussyclaart (Dropout)
50. Beenie Man - Gaza Mi Seh (Gaza Mi Seh)
51. Frisco Kid - Crazy Mi Crazy (Boasty)
52. Diplo ft Santogold - Guns of Brooklyn
53. Blak Ryno - Rifle a Bark (9:58)
54. Twin Of Twins - House (RR)
55. Predator - Bruck Ravers (RR)
56. Blak Ryno - Dont Stop Whine Gal (Fitness)
57. Vybz Kartel - Genie Whine (Fitness)
58. Capleton - Acres (Indiscretiona
59. Busy Signal - Beep (Indiscretion)
60. Assassin - Bees (Indiscretion)
61. Blak Ryno - I Wanna Be So Rich(Unknown Number)
62. Popcaan - Mi Soldier Dem (Unknown Number)
63. Vybz Kartel - Dem Get Murder (Unknown Number)
64. Charlie Black - Badder Dan Dem (Chiney Flava)
65. Marie Claire - Dancehall Opera (Chiney Flava)
66. Diversity - 5000 Dollar Bill
67. Juelz Sanchez - Drink it Out The Bottle (Unknown Soulja's Vocal Megamix)


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i will say this... its much more worthwhile for you to download this mix than the 100000th amateur mashing together of the same old boring tunes that people keep doing. one token funky tune, some shit dubstep, some stupid 'wonky' and a token grime track.
those mixes are boring. that bollocks needs to stop now. this one is better. happy now U.S?