john eden

male pale and stale
I was very cynical about Corbyn first and then was disgusted with him as I knew he would give false hope to many comrades who would then spend a decade in the dead end of parliamentary politics.

Having said, that along the way there was the chance of a recalibration happening. A sense that neoliberal centrism might not be the only game in town. That old fashioned ideas about solidarity and community might come back into vogue.

Even on his own terms, the supposedly "crazy" ideas of free broadband, a properly funded NHS and bringing the big energy companies into public ownership - all proved quite prophetic.


I think it's clear that parliament is not fit for purpose and is a shit place to work, that incentivises the worst possible people. Same as the royal family.
Yeah, a not fit for purpose parliament sitting malevolently on top of a not fit for purpose system like a rotting cherry on a foul and poisoned cake.