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that break point broke more than murrays serve, it broke his spirit. #headsdropped


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yeah fair play murray deserved it.. but djokovich didn't play near his best.. last set was proper exciting tho.

fuck it, least everyone can stop going on about fred perry now - have you even seen video of him playing?? tennis was SO SHIT back then.. my mum would've beaten him


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i was saying the same thing to billy yesterday. its the only thing that explains the entire tournament.


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Novak played well enough, he just got ass kicked by The Best In The World!

Djokovic had 40 unforced errors, and seemed to revert to how he was playing prior to 2011. I think Murray's victory in the US Open was way more impressive, when he beat Djokovic playing near his peak, tho obv you can only beat the player in front of you. Looking forward to the US this year - should be more exciting than Wimbledon. The last set was great though.

On another issue, the misogyny on display on Saturday was horrendously predictable
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Boris Becker's commentary is hilarious.

"Wow, Andy is so fit right now."

"If you let your head drop, Djokovic will give you such a pounding!"

"New balls! Das is good news for Andy!"

"You don't want to be on the receiving end of Novak!"

OK, he may not have actually said any of that stuff, but it wasn't far off. I hope they keep him.


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But he won, though. Shame our one good player has to be such a cunt.

His wife's Dad is even more of a cunt. Sears coached the (lovely, goregous) Dani Huntachova for a few years and fucking traumatised her; same happened with Ivanovic a few years later. British tennis elite families are all horrible.

Heather Watson is from Guernsey, so she doesn't quite count. And yet she's got that weird streak-of-piss Metro hack Colin Murray firmley in her camp.