Regrets, I've had a few.....


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just a quick note to say that having completely f***ed up the board's software i thought it was a good moment to hand over "ultimate" responsibility for dissensus over to someone else to pick up the pieces.

in future sufi will be brother number one.

depending on your perspective the (good/bad) news is that i will now feel free to post the occasional thread and comment.


good to have you back on the scene dear brother, and thanks for the vote of confidence!

i'll definitely be pursuing the same sort of hands off agenda as woebot with this thing, soon as i can get the damn software sorted out.....
to paraphrase:
...i'll do what i have to do, and see it thru, without exemption...

:) cheers all

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
"dear brother"? You're making this place sound like some sort of sinister cult!

Oh, wait...

Never mind. :cool:

Good to have you 'back', Woebot.


Couldn't have passed to better hands. Matt, you're a legend. Sufi, you're the man.

Your humble servant,


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yeah thats a good idea. it will make everything more respectful like in parliament. brother baboon sounds good too.


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brother baboon, that was my next suggestion. to have it so that whenever youre addressing another user, 'brother' automatically appears in the txt box when you click submit. or maybe 'the right honorable'.
I have a sly feeling some of you (stand up Craner, Ingram) may be responsible for some of these deeds currently..
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lets just make it soldier.
dissensus: on the frontline of online musical discussion in the 10s.
soldier will also give everyone to re-enact the 'soldier state your name! what ends you reppin?!' (im paraphrasing) intro of that old essentials tune.