line-in currents & arcane 1950s medical eq


Well I can't help but it made me think of two things I like:

InfiltrationZine - de Certeau meets Kevin Mitnick in a Toronto sewar. or whatever.

The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction by Jonathan Sterne
Sterne follows modern sound technologies back through a historical labyrinth. Along the way, he encounters capitalists and inventors, musicians and philosophers, embalmers and grave-robbers, doctors and patients, Deaf children and their teachers, professionals and hobbyists, folklorists and tribal singers. The Audible Past tracks the connections between the history of sound and the defining features of modernity: from developments in medicine, physics, and philosophy to the tumultuous shifts of industrial capitalism, colonialism, urbanization, modern technology, and the rise of a new middle class.
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