Cold War Nuclear Testing


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Yea @ Mr Tea if it had been the original 100tn proposed idea, it would have released fallout totalling to 25% of the total amount of fallout emitted since the first detanation of nuclear weapons.

Excellent pictorial account of the Operation Crossroads

This was the one I was on about re: moving the local people to an island nearby, where they could not sustain themselves..


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Interesting (and sobering) topic for a thread.

The Castle Bravo H-bomb test in 1954 produced a yield about three times bigger than expected, due to an 'inert' isotope in the fuel mixture that turned out to be anything but. It also produced horrific amounts of fallout that poisoned islanders living nearby and the crew of a fishing boat (who, with horrible irony, were Japanese), one of whom later died.

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It is a disgusting testament to the levels of cynicism our governments are capable of when they test a nuclear bomb in an area that results in the birth defects, illnesses and deaths of inhabitants nearby and they offer them money in compensation. The sooner that human society realizes that the value of money is not ultimate and infinite, the better - although I suspect this may not ever happen until we face a scenario where currency completely loses its value de facto.

Even more embarassing is the reasons given why such a procedure was necessary in this instance: to beat the Russians, of course! Swift was right - we are too often a race of yahoos in denial.


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If you watch ‘Trinity & Beyond, The atomic bomb movie’ (providing you are able to persevere with Shatners voice for that long of course) there is footage from the High Altitude test’s that were detonated just off the coast of Hawaii. You actually see the night sky lit up by vivid aurora, an incredible sight. The Starfish Prime shot caused an artificial radiation belt around the earth, causing damage to many satellites. The shot also damaged communications for quite a while after the test.

If anyone has a decent link to watch it I would be grateful, I had to sit through 10 parts.

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This is one of the most interesting articles i ever read (written by Freeman Dyson's son, no less). I couldn't remember where on the Internet it resided, but fortunately found it on my HD this morning and tracked back.

I'm also obsessed by this stuff, it would be my Mastermind specialist subject.

Strange Love
Or, how they learned to start worrying and love to hate the bomb.

"The smallest tactically deployed nuclear weapon
was the Davy Crockett, with a warhead weighing
less than 60 pounds. It was not designed by Taylor.
“I tried to find out what was the smallest bomb you
could produce, and it was a lot smaller than Davy
Crockett, but it was never built in those years,” he
said. “It certainly has been since then. It was a full
implosion bomb that you could hold in one hand
that was about 6 inches in diameter."


“I had a dream last night, about a new form of
nuclear weapon, and I’m not telling anybody what
this is, because I’m really scared of it,” Taylor told
me in 1999. “I have tried, I thought successfully, to
hold on to a vow of just not thinking about new types
of nuclear weapons any more. And what’s happened,
to put it simply, is that it has gone from my conscious
to my unconscious, and it’s emerging as a dream; I
cannot shut it off. I woke up at 2 a.m. and went back
to bed at about 6 o’clock, and wound up filling up a
page with notes. It makes me think of the prototypical
example of what directed energy can do, making
the transition from a pile of high explosive to a gun,
as the Chinese did, after they invented it. What I am
afraid is in the offing is people figuring out how to
make a transition that’s as spectacular as trying to
kill a deer at 200 yards with a pile of high explosive,
or by shooting at it.”
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Will reply properly to that when I get a sec, do you own a copy a copy of 100 suns HMGovt?


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no worries, thanks so much for posting that article, a really nice read, read it walking home from work!

Jesus, they made one smaller than the Crockett! but not just a little bit smaller! I mean that really is fascinating, being able to concentrate that amount of energy into something so small is unreal.

Can't find any copies of Trinity & Beyond, only some off Ebay.. went into HMV and it seems they have stopped making it now.

nice vids & audio re: starfish prime

that is fucking crazy
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Watched a documentary about the Cuban Missile Crisis last night, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any doc’s in the same vein, or about the CMC, as this one was forwarded by Tom Clancy and had the ‘Worlds Most Dangerous Weapons’ narrator, it was informative and interesting, but you can imagine what most of it was like.