dreams - they're weird, innit?

Reading around freuds interpretation of dreams, one idea is that that the dream is a production to satisfy drives and repressed urges to allow you to keep sleeping. So the dream lets me fuck my teacher so I don't wake up to try to actually fuck my teacher or have a wank when that drive arises. Rest is important.

There's been recent research on learning and memory consolidation in dreams, that makes sense to me. I definitely feel a sense of replenishment and tidying when I sleep, I often go to bed with pessimism and problems and wake up with optimism and solutions that seem simple, but it's impossible to say how much of that's down to rest and how much is some therapeutic cognitive theatre.

In terms of analysing dreams, I'm sceptical of all that because I think what's recalled is often extremely precarious and linked to lots of chaotic factors like the emotional impact, when you wake up and how easy the dream is to communicate... at best you get an essence, and even the rare times you remember in detail, you can feel the loss occur as you put it into words.

So maybe it's stupid to think there's an answer to why we dream, we aren't so teleological about other forms of consciousness, maybe that's because dreaming is when we're least in control, so we want to know who's in charge.


maybe? a bit like like tripping while your asleep - tiring!
but perhaps you could train up to retain and recollect more and be more lucid

i wonder would it be possible to sustain a mundane daytime existence while pioneering b12 abuse powered nocturnal dream exploring
checking in to work each day, exhausted, then get home and snuggle up for wild gallivanting and submarine voyages,
start making maps and making connections

dreams have all this overlap and similarities with hallucinogens as well as interesting contrasts, differences and and oppositions like sun and moon

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Ignore sufi, he's trolling you.

It's short for 5MeO-2C-B-12, a novel semi-synthetic hallucinogen derived from jellyfish venom.


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not last night, but the night before i had a dream that i was on the concrete platform in queens road station in a canoe that ben watson was rowing (to little effect on the concrete).

eventually he was out the dream and instead i was hanging out with megan thee stalion, except she looked just like the woman in this video:


it turned out she was an mp as well as a rapper and i came to the realisation that she was perfect for me, possessing both my interest in music and my proactive morality.


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I had a dream I was in a modern looking commercial gym run by Nick Land as a strange kind of fitness cult with his own proprietary and initiatory set of exercises designed to enhance coordination skills. A lot of old friends from different parts of my life were there as was Thridform (who went off to the toilet while Land was speaking) and Barty, who was heckling rudely.
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i was in a competition where you had to carry a person sitting on your neck for a certain distance. i'm quite small and slim and the person sitting on my neck was big and heavy. the person i was competing against was a big and heavy person but had a small and slim person sitting on his neck. i tried cheating and took a detour but the other person did so too. at the end we crossed the finish line at exactly the same moment and there was no winner.