dreams - they're weird, innit?


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then i thought about writing a story about writing stories about dreams and getting rich of your unconscious and the unconscious fighting back against the market forces colonising it


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i had a dream about walls as well. i wanted to get into a festival but didn't have any money so found a place where i could climb over a wall to get in but once i was in i didn't like the music and the festival and i was stuck forever finding a way out. the way in was easy but the way out was impossible, at one point i walked into my dad who was at the festival as well and he gave me a salmon.


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I have sleep paralysis dreams. Last one I had was after watching Tourneur's Night of the Demon and saw the demon appear in flickering lights. Another one I was asked to give a codeword for me to be 'let out of the box'. The codeword was carrots and the dream ended.


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I have sleep paralysis dreams. Last one I had was after watching Tourneur's Night of the Demon and saw the demon appear in flickering lights. Another one I was asked to give a codeword for me to be 'let out of the box'. The codeword was carrots and the dream ended.

@luka did a thread about boxes but I can’t find it

Gomorrah mafia dreams last couple of nights. Dealing, deals gone wrong, labyrinths, dark chaos, a cast of countless grim faces then I floated up to ceiling level and all this gibberish in Italian flying at me while ducking bullets. Admit to waking up with a grin among the rona groundhogs
I once caught a flu which put me in a high fever, and when I was brought some soup and bread to eat became convinced that my task was to separate the food out into its constituent molecules and place them in heaps, sorted by type, at the foot of the bed.

In a half-awake state another time, when someone else entered the room and tried to wake me up properly I felt that I was a telephone network and that they were trying to route a call through me to some receiver, but the call could not be connected.

I had a dream on another occasion that I was trying to debug a computer program, and the problem was that a buffer in memory kept filling up and needed to be cleared. Nothing I did seemed to fix the issue. Then I woke up and realised I needed to empty my bladder. Nothing I could have done in the dream would have resolved this problem (at least, not satisfactorily). I often think about this when I see someone desperately trying to solve a problem (usually something physical, like being overtired and stressed) by fretting, anxiously and circularly, about a symbolically displaced analogue of that problem, convinced that if they can only get that right, everything will be sorted.

I think about this quite a lot and you’ve made it clearer for me ‘the symbolically displaced analogue’ of feeling sick, or smacking out on a strong E ... thinking you’re at work endlessly repeating the same task. Maybe we think about school and exams in dreams in this way too, as we process the stress and anxieties and tensions of the body

For the last four hours or so I’ve been dreaming on and off about trying to fix the sequence of emails in a journey. Environments changed and at one point I was in a club and there was some kind of dissensus thing going on but the same problem repeated over and over. And I think it’s linked to the fact I’m quite itchy and irritated. The email problem is a symbolically displaced bodily itch that won’t go away
symbolic displacement - can also be applied to scapegoating, advertising and propaganda, any allegory really


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I was in a car with my deceased Dad driving from Nottingham to somewhere. At one point he said a line akin to “it’s 30 mins there, which means 30mins back. An hour. Why don’t we get a curry?”

So he’s running through the menu of a gaff we’d go to in Southall, except I couldn’t gauge where we were. Next thing we’re in a motorway services, heaving with people. Cut to filling station pump and going inside. There must have been a thousand people all crammed in, none wearing masks. Made me query “where’s my mask?”, except I didn’t have one and pulled a hoodie up over my lower face like a div. Then I woke up baffled to screaming fits about wellies and decided to make a curry tonight


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I went to an art exhibition and was having a guided tour of the hall, which was a large underground, but brightly lit room.

It was two older women giving the tour and the first exhibit was a banner made for a "fake god" called Aryovan who some people had thought was coming down to Earth and so they had made a welcoming banner.

Aryovan was depicted with a crown for a face like this.

Before reaching the exhibition I had gone for a walk with some Manchester people including someone I didn't know who was called "Spirit".

We walked around the grounds of the art gallery and collected some twisted ears of corn which we then placed around our necks so that they fell over our backs like tassles.

Spirit didn't have enough money to get into the exhibition so one of the other guys gave him a large piece of misshapen but smooth glass and told him he could swap it for a wrist band.


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Had a dream a few nights ago where Samuel Beckett was living in the woods like a pigmy and I got in touch with him somehow. I drove out to the forest, picked him up and then drove back to my families house for an interview. He said he regretted writing Molloy and that it actually takes place in Scotland but no ones figured that out yet. I drove him back out to the forest and there he returned to his subsistence lifestyle.


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Of course in the novel Molloy lived in the forest for a bit but I also think this tweet is part responsible for the dream


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I had a dream from early childhood where I was locked in the house and a chimpanzee was following me around the perimeter and making kissie faces through the windows. I was deeply afraid but didn't know exactly why, and it wasn't until years later that my fear was coming from a preconscious understanding of rape, despite not knowing what that was at the time I had the dream.
One of my friends had a recurring dream about being pursued by a 2d man who would slip under locked doors. I always pictured him as a 1930s detective, hat and long coat.
i wonder if this is another one of those archetypal dreams (like remembering you have a test in a class you never attended) that a lot of us experience in some form: the ambiguous pursuer. mine as a kid was this chicken-like creature with an unsettlingly human face and smirking expression. these characters (well, mine, at least) can seem silly, but when they just keep following you around, lurking outside, still there when you'd thought they’d be gone, maybe even getting in...


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Not long woke up from this one: Started off in a random Brasilian town. A touristic place. Weather amazing. Lots of cute old houses around, gift shops and entertainment stuff everywhere. By the sea. I kept trying to avoid running into someone but I didn't know who. After a while of that I'm by some big medieval settlement. Within the walls of one of those towns attached to a big castle and it was also back in time because everyone was wearing the appropriate clothes. I walked through a big gate leaving the walled area and there's a massive army all getting prepared to go to battle it looks like and I remember thinking I really didn't want to get involved but somehow felt like they were expecting me to and I had no choice. Kept looking for ways out. Watching knights get on their horses and being passed their weapons. Archers testing their bows etc etc. Night begins to fall and we all move out. I'm in a cluster of swordsmen but don't have a weapon of my own. We walk towards some woodland and hear an inhuman roar which startles everyone and I use the moment to slip into the wood and climb a big tree. From up there I watch the battle between wood creatures who were hard to make out and the army. It's taken a bit of a fantasy turn at this point because there were things like fireballs of different colours being shot from within the forest, purples, reds and greens. Felt more computer game more than real. Didn't take long for this scene to fade away and daylight to arrive. Still up the tree but no one around, I see a village near by and go to it. Its somewhere in Europe and very old. I knew it was the present day again because there were parked cars etc. I find a cute guest house and meet a friend who's staying there. We go for a walk in the woodland on the outskirts of the village and come across two older Canadian women riding their horses. Turns out they're a couple and the owners of the guest house and invite us both to ride on the back of their horses. I remember feeling really nervous near the back legs. Have never liked being near a horses ass. We go for a nice ride and then head back to the guest house and when we're back there there's a full school party in the seated garden taking off their muddy boots who'd all been out doing outdoor adventure sports like kayaking etc. It felt familiar like the time when I went on a trip with my school around age 9. There was that sense of freedom and fun being away from home for the first time. Was a short moment and then back to being with the friend and the candians. We walked up into what turned out to be a large complex of buildings and suddenly there's snow everywhere and we're in a rush to get indoors, we find a decent looking building and get in through an open hole or window. We're no longer in familiar territory, just a random place with a cold climate. Luckily the place we find is warm and the 3 people I was with, no longer sure who they are but I definitely know them, all sit in one room while I go exploring. There's a bunch of empty rooms in the place which turns out to be massive, and I find a big hall containing these high up platforms with stairs leading up to them. I climb up to one and there's all these different boxed cereals and packets of biscuits and breads. Happy to have found some food. But then I look to another platform and see some old people there wearing robes and looking hungry. I take them some food and they offer me some money in exchange. Confused but pleased I go back and get more food for them and more exchange goes on. Different cereals were worth more than others and soon it becomes like a stock exchange system where I'm trading different combinations of cereal and breads and getting rich

The end

Started writing it down soon as I woke up. Don't often remember long dreams that often so it was a bit of a treat.