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Also it is probably a job for another thread but as @luka has sagely advised, it is simply a marketing issue. Clearly there is nothing wrong with Craner's content, that would be a ridiculous thing to say.


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I'm just conflicted. I aimed for a steady job to avoid failing to become a freelance writer and ending up a depressed, starving alcoholic. That worked out OK. I can afford to write at leisure in my spare time and I don't have to write to pay the mortgage. The blog is therefore an indulgence with psychological and creative benefits. I can write what I want, in the way I want, without having to agonise over how to sell it. I know that can lead to bad writing too, writing that is simply self-indulgent, which is bad style (all of my pieces last year were too long). But it's hard to avoid it -- if you do something you think is really good, you want people to read it and to love it and then the silent void can be painful. It's stupid, but you can't get around it.
have you ever sent your articles to any publishers/magazines/websites though?


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i got purged from the voluntary sector 5 years ago actually, best thing ever happened to me
(somehow still toiling for the have-nots tho x)


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I did for a while and stopped. It seems awful. Prostrating yourself to incompetent normies. The worst. I've done it a bit and you just don't even get an email back or a read-through unless you have a friend who'll make the introduction, provide social proof + socially obligate the editor.


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Craner we should start a magazine together Luka can run the poetry section you do politics and aesthetics I'll hop on book reviews and popular science


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My brother-in-law has always seriously rated Craner as a writer, by the way, and has said so on multiple occasions.


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Poetix what will your contribution be, do you want to do a Theory section, we can have Blissblogger do pop music

We would be truly legendar