Chernobyl & The Terror repeats as counter-points to decompress to, in-between Twin Peaks 3 & teaching the next generation about the transcendence of Mr Benn.

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There's a Tiger King-shaped hole in this thread, I reckon. Anyone else into it? I feel it's one of those 'believe the hype' phenomena. Every major character is one or more things out of: a psychopath, a conman, a gangster, a cult leader, a reformed meth addict or a decidedly unreformed sex addict. One of the less interesting, controversial or repugnant people whom the story involves is Mario Tabraue, the Cuban cocaine kingpin who was supposedly the real-life prototype for Tony Montana in Scarface. And everyone is a relentlessly zealous self-promoter in that way that only Americans really can be. The title character, Joe Exotic, comes across relatively sympathetically (despite being obviously an unstable fruitloop and a horrible exploiter of animals) compared to his nemesis, Carole Baskin, who styles herself a big cat 'rescuer', despite pretty clearly running a petting zoo that is fundamentally the same sort of business as Joe's, even if the conditions for the animals are perhaps somewhat better. Then there's "Doc" Antle - his doctorate is in "mystical science" - who runs his operation with the help of a whole harem of concubine-slaves, who in addition to working from dusk till dawn also have to sleep with him, and for the wage of $100 a week, plus cockcroach-infested board. (Joe pays his band of misfits the princely sum of $150 a week, but at least they don't have to shag him - he presumably gets all the action he needs from his two husbands, one of whom has a tattoos:teeth ratio that makes him look like a Russian mobster, while the other arrived to work at the zoo as a fresh-faced and notionally heterosexual 19-year-old. Carole, meanwhile, wouldn't do anything as exploitative as pay starvation wages to her staff: her operation is entirely run by volunteers!)

The whole thing is violently American and totally compelling, if you can cope with the animal cruelty - watching a minutes-old tiger cub being dragged away from its mother by some lackey with a metal pole is genuinely heartbreaking. Highly recommended nonetheless.
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I get the impression it's one of those where you need to catch the wave, like Making a Murderer or Joker.
Anyone seen High Maintenance?

Forgot if I mentioned it before here. It's my favorite series of the past few years a long with Better Call Saul. Refreshingly real and authentically funny. There's nothing out there like it, really.

Far from the typical stoner humor you might expect from the synopsis.
95% of the humans in Tiger Twat should be fed to the animals involved

tied to a pole, no coliseum rubbish, straight to munch crunch


Just started watching Devs after people telling me it's the best TV series that's been on for a while. Seems good so far, I like the 70s sci-fi vibe it gives without without being retro or pastiche.


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just finished Swedish crime drama "before we die", by the same writing team behind "kalifat". unsure after the first episode but it really took off from there. intense story of a Croatian organized crime family in Stockholm that looks to control the heroin trade in Europe, and a young swedish guy who inflilltrates.

both show highly recommended.


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We are looking for something we can watch that is a bit more ambient, that you can watch passably, so subtitled stuff is out
too hardcore a day & too brightly made animations, but will revisit tonight when Covid dust has settled & Jnr-III isn't screaming for the breast


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Watched a couple episodes of midnight gospel now, good tip thanks wash. Sometimes the animation is a little distracting, but I appreciate what they are trying to do. Art director is Jesse moynihan who did a few interezting comics a few years back (tho I never actually finished the one I bought)