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Sorry Leo, but

Finished S1 of The Terror earlier. Really liked it. Some of the effects and make up were a bit crap, you could tell they were on a set at times and it had that digital look that a lot of stuff does these days, but it drew me in and I ended up watching all ten episodes within a few days.

couple of cracking sound drops to cut your tongue off to



no one ever watches my excellent recommendations. don't even acknowledge them, even. so disheartening.
No-one ever replies to the TV thread at all though... I do remember you tipped some Scandi stuff, sounded intriguing. If I am looking for something to watch i do scan the thread, kinda feel a bit fed up of long TV shows though, when they started it really felt as though people were really pushing the envelope of what was possible... now the ones I watch feel much more formulaic, doing the minimum to keep interest through most of it and then a cliffhanger to get you back next week - and that whole thing enacted on a bigger scale for each series.
What was once liberating - "wow we got sixty hous to tell this story!" - now seems a constraint - "if we can put in enough filler to push that twist back to episode ten then we should get another season". Or perhaps I'm jaded... my guess is a bit of both.


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I've been watching V.I.P, the Pamela Anderson vehicle where she accidentally becomes a celebrity bodyguard. It's just 45 minutes of campy parody with car chases, explosions and sideboob galore, like a cross between The Fast And The Furious and Adam West's Batman. It's very much baddie-of-the-week rote storytelling, with lots of "oh no, looks like Pamela Anderson is going to have to go undercover as a lingerie model again!" flimsiness. It's both hilarious and unchallenging, and perfect for where my head is at, and it in the world of sixty-hour respectable drama series it's felt like straightforward cheap fun.



Cat Malogen
Made the mistake of putting the tv on today. American Pickers. Words are not enough to capture its subliminal capitalist glee

Every 6th word is dollars. The two pickers travel round trying to rip off/underpay oddball rubes, but today they met Grizzly Adams. Oh man, hard times have fallen this actor. He had a junk yard with:

a medieval door
a strange table that looked like it was carved from a single piece of oak
a self portrait painting hanging above his fireplace of him in his prime riding a Harley D into the sunset

They made off with the lot for a few grand, being open about how they manipulated him, I felt conflicted by his distress and their clear opportunism


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Has anyone watched that Freeview channel Talking Pictures?
I finally had a look at this today. They've had a film on called Halls of Montezuma about some American soldiers trying to find a Japanese military base in WW2.

There was a scene where they took some prisoners and one of the officers came out with this great line,

"Always treat a human being like a human being. You'll be surprised what happens."


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Watched the first episode of Squid Game last night – to see what the fuss was about, ofc. Predictably enough I was totally hooked by the end and cursed God above for forcing me to go to bed instead of watching episode 2.


I clicked on that link but it was not of much interest to me cos I don't really know who Amanda Holden is.... in fact, for that matter I don't really know what Neighbours is, or Newcastle either. Which makes it all the more annoying that the website came that close to tricking me into downloading an app for reading The Newcastle Chronicle, something I don't see myself having a huge amount of use for really.

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Watched the first episode of Squid Game last night – to see what the fuss was about, ofc. Predictably enough I was totally hooked by the end and cursed God above for forcing me to go to bed instead of watching episode 2.
Surprised how little chat there's been about this show. I'm 2/3 of the way through and think it's great. It must have the beat sinister use of classical music since A Clockwork Orange - in fact the weird space they're in feels quite Kubrickian in general.

I was sort of expecting it to be a vaguely Baudrillardian (not that I've read Baudrillard but I've spent enough time interacting with people here who have read him to have absorbed the general gist by a process of osmosis, I reckon) commentary on the nature of spectacle and entertainment, but that's subverted by there being no apparent spectators, although that might be about to change with the introduction of these mysterious "VIPs".

My money's on Zuckerberg, it looks right up his street.


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I tried to watch Squid Game but I thought oh what a shame there's no subtitles and I don't speak Korean.

Then I tried again a few days later and realised it's in English anyway, but I accidentally the last episode first so no point watching the rest, oh well


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anyone given the new cowboy bebop netflix adaptation a try? unwatchable. i only made it through a few minutes.

the league of legends netflix show, on the other hand, is a masterpiece. a tour de force of animation, worldbuilding, and characterization. no doubt the greatest animated work ever to grace my computer screen.