Cat Malogen
Who is watching "We own the city", follow up of sorts to the wire, in that there's a few of the same actors, and it's set in Baltimore, and is a cop/drug procedural.

I read one of the books it's based on a while back.

Not as good as the wire, but still good

night shift grub watch

it’s good and utterly pretentious at the same time. LOT of old faces eg Marlo in massive specs (cunt is the best thing by a mile, eyes roaming), no idea where it’s headed and haven’t caught real life news

thing about Baltimore is it’s just far away enough from Philadelphia and DC to be connected along the east coast I-95 corridor but isolated too, in an almost rust belt sense, except closer to water thoroughfares

Detroit has masses of regeneration schemes going, B’more always looks like a city left on a civic development shelf


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The deuce was enjoyable yeah, sort of like we own the city a big in that it's fun seeing the old wire people in different roles. Don't understand why they made James Franco into twin brothers. Seems completely unnecessary and probsbly just his hubris as an actor.