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Who is watching "We own the city", follow up of sorts to the wire, in that there's a few of the same actors, and it's set in Baltimore, and is a cop/drug procedural.

I read one of the books it's based on a while back.

Not as good as the wire, but still good

night shift grub watch

it’s good and utterly pretentious at the same time. LOT of old faces eg Marlo in massive specs (cunt is the best thing by a mile, eyes roaming), no idea where it’s headed and haven’t caught real life news

thing about Baltimore is it’s just far away enough from Philadelphia and DC to be connected along the east coast I-95 corridor but isolated too, in an almost rust belt sense, except closer to water thoroughfares

Detroit has masses of regeneration schemes going, B’more always looks like a city left on a civic development shelf


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The deuce was enjoyable yeah, sort of like we own the city a big in that it's fun seeing the old wire people in different roles. Don't understand why they made James Franco into twin brothers. Seems completely unnecessary and probsbly just his hubris as an actor.


I've started watching The Sandman. I guess any proper geek would have read all of the original comics countless times, but I always struggle to read graphic novels, plus, when I thought maybe it would be worth my while to read it after all, I couldn't find any easy, cheap way to get hold of it. As far as I can tell it isn't compiled into one thing, and the mini-compendiums that do exist are still such that you need to buy a fair few of them to read the whole thing, and even they are very expensive. So, with mild reluctance, I concluded that it was too expensive to read and forgot about it for a few years, thinking that maybe one day they would release it in an affordable single lump. Does anyone know if that ever happened?

Anyway, there is a tv adaptation now, I suppose it is one of those things that was always out of reach due to the scale and scope of it. But now that fx are relatively cheaper and after the enormous success of Game of Thrones, with the proliferation of channels meaning there is space to show it, it is recognised that there is a market for ten hour long fantasy type stuff, and people are confident enough in it succeeding that they are prepared to throw enough money at it so it doesn't look shit.

And I'm enjoying it a lot. The thing is very ambitious, it has an enormous number of characters, many of whom I recognise from other stories (eg John Constantine) and often played by famous actors - Charles Dance, David Thewliss etc - and all kinds of insane settings which surely wouldn't have been possible until relatively recently.

It also helps that the guy they have playing Dream looks so much like him it feels that he was grown in a tank specifically for this role



Anyone else watching this?


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Final episode of Better Call Saul on Monday, maybe the last great series that's not from HBO/Netflix/Amazon/Hulu.


Tales of the Unexpected. Been running almost constantly on freeview (that isn't free). Best theme tune, easily, kitsch wind down telly.
Saw some of that when I was back in UK lately, totally unknown to Liza so was interesting to explain it to her as a kind of predecessor of Inside Number 9 which I suppose she'd thought was totally original whereas every time I saw it I subconsciously thought of it as part of a lineage with TOTU and Twilight Zone etc

You're right, great music

But I think that this is better in something of the same vein

And we need to mention the mighty Midsomer Murders here



Anyway, the reason I'm looking through this thread to find a thing that someone recommended ages ago and I fancy trying but I can't remember what it's called. I think the premise was about some people being paid to reconstruct an old video or maybe several old videos that were stored in some sort of abandoned bunker or something, so the people restoring it haid to stay in this creepy old bunker and try and splice together these burned bits of tape or something, which - I assume - slowly revealed to them that their predecessors there all died horribly and now they were in terrible danger. Or something. Anyone know what I'm on about? @version can you find it for me? Please.


Cat Malogen
The Iran-Iraq War doc

Rarely does war footage, never mind the political ramifications and religious madness behind it all, summarise anything you could possibly want to know about a conflict

What you think you knew and what you subsequently see instantly fall into schism as, in 4 succinct parts, a morass of monstrous mindfucking events unfolds