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El Hombre Invisible
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bleak as hell. esp towards the second half of the tune.

I kept listening...but only because I couldn't take me eyes off 'Night Of The Hunter' or believe how good it still looked.


his background was more punk - hence the savage republic remixes and zeke's fanzine-ish cover art.

the old blackdown interview is very good

shack said:
I've always been into making music, be it with a four-track when I was in my teens, or messing around on the computer like these days, but I started to make the stuff you're more familiar with when my 'dancehall' combo, Evil MAstermind' broke up due to my partner in musical crime, MC Great Emancipator, now known as Tenfold Vengeance, decided to go the other side of the world and convert to Islam. We were using a Zoom drum machine with this weird wobbly bass effect. After he went I didn't really want to do a one-man Karaoke act, so I decided to get a computer.

In terms of the atmosphere and sounds that I want to create I'm using the likes of Metal Box era PIL and Savage Republic as my benchmark if anyone.
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Just got my copy of his new one, and I think it might actually be my favourite thing by him (subject to me going back and listening to all the other records). It's interesting from the 'darkness' point of view, in that I don't think it's dark at all. Not even in the non-try hard 'bleak' sense. It's weird and sprawling and psychedelic, but it's also a straight up bassline groover. Serious swing levels, just a bit rotten and decomposed, really going for the original Skull Disco 'dig up your ancestors and have a dance' thing. Reminds me a bit of the best Oni Ayhun tunes actually, not in terms of the actual sonics, but maybe the way they almost accidentally/incidentally interact with normal dance music tropes.

Lots of his oeuvre is quite bleak of course, but I think that's all there is to it is overly simplistic. His release on Hot Flush was a good previous example I think, Massacre anyway. Probably his most overtly upbeat tune that, always very recognisable when it starts slipping in during a live set. Again, it has a real groove to it, along with shrieks and whoops. Which sort of sums up why I like his music so much actually. His niceness (which I will also attest to) is completely irrelevant.


No other artistes have saved my ex and her sister from a kicking, it has to be said, though Shovel out of M People once stopped my best mate getting a bollocking off his boss.

Great producer as well (Shackleton, not Shovel).


bandwagon house
Minimoonstar mix is one of his highlights. Sublime
You bring me down was the one for me from the skulldisco days


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To me, his music sounds more like some sort of weird trance inside the deepest parts of your mind more than, cliche darkness.

Btw, incredible producer and performer.


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boomkat just announced Fabric 55

The enigmatic master of outernational dystopia and psychedelic rhythms turns in an outstanding Fabric mix full of exclusive, unreleased material. As anyone who has submitted themselves to his ritualistic live shows will attest, this producer operates in a very special dancefloor dimension. Those shows have become the stuff of legend, reworking the most potent elements of his records into a stunningly febrile, in-the-moment context designed to elicit absolutely primal urges. In our opinion, his live show is one of the best in the world right now, and has been for a few years, so this mix is essentially one of the deadliest documents of post-everything club music money can buy. The majority of the tracks are previously unreleased (13 of the 22), meshed with (tomb)stone-cold classics from his Skull Disco and Perlon releases such as 'Death Is Not Final' with Vengeance Tenfold, both sides of 'New Dawn'/'Massacre' and the haunting 'Something Has Got To Give'. Sacrifice yourself at the altar of Shackleton and redeem your soul for a dance with the devil. ESSENTIAL.

hard not to get hyped even tho boomkat more often than not overhype


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reminds me of old " etnoambient" or more rythimc old "isolationism" at times. don't know how i feel about that


Mechanical phantoms
I played a gig recently, a couple of months ago, and they booed me off stage. They were shouting at me, "We want dubstep, we want dubstep!" It was just one of those. I've never pretended to be dubstep so... In the end I think I just got really grumpy and I think I made some sort of obscene gesture and left. [laughs].



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Electronic Explorations 133 - Shackleton

01) – Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold – Stripped III (version)
02) – Shackleton – Man On A String Part 1 and 2
03) – Shackleton – Angel On A String
04) – Shackleton – Fireworks
05) – Shackleton – Deadman
06) – Shackleton – Bottles
07) – Shackleton – Hypno Angel
08) – Shackleton – Something Has Got To Give
09) – Shackleton – Massacre
10) – Shackleton – Torn Skin III (version)

whats the tune at 50 minutes or so proclaiming I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA?


there's a link on this page to the youngsta live @ fwd cd that came out in 2004

there's also black ops' mix for deuce mag (sublow selection volume 1) which is slightly later but the sound is essentially the same. i think owen griffiths posted that on here a while back, somewhere.

i'd upload some stuff but my connection is really awful lately