This Is It
Sarkis Soghanalian, 74, was born in Turkey and is one of the largest private arms dealers in contemporary history. He was worked with the CIA in operations ranging from Central America, Africa and Iraq. The CIA asked him to help attempt Ferdinand and Emelda Marcos to power from exile in Hawaii. But his most important operation was Iraq. He was recruited after the Reagan White House and government of Saudi Arabia decided to supply Saddam Hussein during the Iran Iraq War. He supplied billions in military hardware to Iraq. When the “Iraqgate” scandal broke exposing the Bush Administration to potential legal action, the Bush Justice Department went after Soghanalian. He was convicted of conspiracy of shipping unauthorized weapons to Iraq. His jail sentence of six years was cut short when the U.S. Secret Service and the Clinton Administration used Soghanalian’s services to breaking the $100 bill counterfeiting ring in Lebanon. Soghanalian moved to Paris in 1995 and began work with the French government. He subsequently opened up an office in Jordan in 1998. In 2,001 Soghanalian was arrested again, this time on bank fraud charges while visiting Miami. He was held for a year in the federal lock up in Los Angeles until he revealed the details of how a top CIA asset in Peru was in fact funneling thousands of rifles to the Marxist rebels in Columbia. Soghanalian’s revelations resulted the collapse of the Fujimori government in Peru. After being released from custody Soghanalian moved all his operations to Jordan.