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is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly find themselves having to log in pretty much every time they return to the board? happened a bunch of times today.

also, the "new posts" function hasn't worked very well today, been missing posts that i know are new since my last visit.

oh well, not a big deal.

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yeah to the log in thing.

It's better if you log in by attempting to reply to a post for some reason.


from t'other thread (i'd hoped we'd fixed this)
log out and then hit this link:


fill in the 'Remember Me?' box when you log back in

dissensus is a bit borky at the mo tho innit,
e.g. new avatars not working
albums gone funny
sorry about that, the 4.0 vbulletin is really buggy ... i'll check the vb boards for some fixes or perhaps upgrade to the next version

anyone else experiencing this??
or any other entertaining anomalous behaviour??


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I was getting this, but I followed the above advice when it was posted in another thread and I'm cool now.

One thing I do get, when I'm browsing on my phone, is a total random approach to what the back button actually means. If I go from the main forum page to a thread, then click back, I get a version of the main forum page that is several days old. It happens on at least one toher website, too, so it's not dissensus's problem, or at least not exclusively. It's my fault for being an i phone ponce.


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Yeah, definitely no prompt to "remember me" when I use the login box top right of a page... I usually remember to do the reply to post trick John mentions - there it gives you a tick box.


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Happening again to me this weekend, have to log in every time I return.

Thank goodness I use the same password for everything or I'd be in trouble! :slanted:
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don't think any changes have happened that would cause that Leo.
I notice my firefox is getting keener on password security warnings tho since the last update