the revolution will be televised


that's a very aesthetically pleasing clip, the smoke and the flares etc pastel shades
the violence somewhat marrs the effect
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in je ogen waait de wind
i've long wondered if it was just me and my media bubble or if there'd really been more dissent in the last few years. i guess this graph answers that question:

In this article we argue that what we have in fact witnessed since 2008 is a continuous increase of what the Iranian-American sociologist Asef Bayat has described as “non-movements”, namely, “the collective action of dispersed and unorganized actors”.19 These non-movements are not in any sense revolutionary in themselves. They are closer to what Camatte has recently called “passive revolts”: subjective expressions of the objective disorder of our times.20 They reflect above all the growing delegitimization of politics in a context of ongoing stagnation and austerity. It is the combination of steadily rising non-movements involving unprecedented numbers of people, with a decline in democratic legitimacy, that allows us to describe the trend of our era as the production of revolutionaries without a revolution.



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I thought you were linking that article Third often does for a sec, but that's Forward, Barbarians!