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only one synth which plays a varied length wavetable filled with white/brown noise

crossover with
tuning was probably the stupidest bit in this as it's 40hz multiplied times 1-8
only effect on top is something that is supposed to be a very poor digital emulation of a spring reverb
sloppy gain control as usual

I need to figure out how to get rid of those bloody clicks when the wavetable is reset
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I like the acid squiggles. also, bass player gonna have that twangy bass, huh?
Twango ergo sum, m8.

What genre would say it was? The squelchy bass suggests acid house, but that doesn't usually have such a pronounced breakbeat (in fact straight up 4 to the floor is more usual, I think).


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can't remember the name of the production tips thread so i'll just put this here


if there's one thing that can bridge the divide between jungle and house, it's overdriving your sounds through an old Mackie 1202.

2:10 he compares the plugin withthe real deal.

an exciting time for music tech.


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I'm probably too young to appreciate it properly but it does sound insane

reckoned I might as well upload this one somewhere and post something properly finished in this thread for once

I hope no pirated software was used during the making of that!

Otherwise, very nice.