Resonance FM 2 June: A Brief History Of Grime Tapes

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Hi all,

The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music show presents the following special show on 2 June:

A special and extended edition of Adventures In Modern Music as the duo behind the film Tape Crackers rush the studio to bring us A Brief History Of Grime Tapes. Pirate radio tape collector Michael Finch and filmmaker Rollo Jackson will be taking us through a treasure trove of cassettes and MiniDiscs of London pirate stations from 1998–2004.

We'll be featuring some of the key moments of Garage and Grime with tapes from the glory days of Deja Vu, Rinse FM and other stations, with many of the biggest crews and mic clashes from radio sets and raves of the era. We'll be telling the story of MCs such as Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Riko Dan through the radio sets that made them top names in London, analysing the dog eat dog logic of 'clashing' which Grime brought to the London scene, and uncovering the hidden wiring of underground music of the late 1990s and beyond.

The show runs 2 June from 8pm–10:30pm (note earlier start time), 104.4 FM for Londoners, streamed live at; check for info on Tape Crackers.

More info here:


Is this going to be downloadable? I never catch any radio when it's actually on...

Diggedy Derek

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That was fun. Now archived online.

A Brief History Of Grime Tapes with Michael Finch and Rollo Jackson

Unknown Artist
(10" dubplate)
"bought from Nicky Blackmarket himself"

Ram Trilogy
"Mind Overload"
from Chapter Two
(Ram Records 12")

DJ EZ & MC Rankin on Freek FM (1998)
(pirate tape from personal collection)

DJ Double O And MC Sharky P on Ice FM (1997)
(pirate tape from personal collection)

DJ Pied Piper And The Masters of Ceremonies
"Do You Really Like It?"
(Ministry Of Sound/Relentless CD)

So Solid Crew
"21 Seconds"
(Relentless Records CD)

Heartless Crew at Sun City, Cardiff (2001)
(from tape pack)

Pay As U Go at La Cosa Nostra (2002)
(from tape pack)

Heartless Crew versus Pay As You Go clash at Destiny, London (2001)
(from tape pack)

Pay As U Go slew Heartless Crew on Rinse FM (2001)
(pirate tape from personal collection)

(Wiley Kat Records 12")

Danny Weed
"Shank Rhythm"

DJ Slimzee with Wiley and Dizzee at Sidewinder, Milton Keynes Studio Mix (2002)
(from tape pack)

Flow Dan and Jamakabi Twin Towers Mix (Rinse FM) (2002)
(pirate tape from personal collection)

DJ Karnage Ice Rink Megamix on Rinse FM (2003)
(pirate tape from personal collection)

Roll Deep at Sidewinder, Milton Keynes (2002)
(from tape pack)

A Brief History Of Grime Tapes now archived online

Benny B

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Just superb. Looking forward to downloading some of these sets, especially that Roll Deep one at the end. So hype!

I'd love to see Tapecrackers too after hearing this.

john eden

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Checked the first hour last night and loved it. A shame not to be able see Michael grinning away tho :)

Diggedy Derek

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You can now download all the sets we played, in full, from The Wire website.

Hours and hours and hours of listening.

Glad you enjoyed it y'all. Listen towards the end of the first bit of talking, right as we're about to drop the first track, and you can hear Michael popping the top on the first can of Red Stripe.

matt b

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Listened to this last night- brilliant.

Michael's and Rollo's enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the music shone through.


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recovered from my moms shed, where I kept my tapes



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This was much better than I expected Derek, thanks. There were systems playing all different kinds of stuff before Heartless though, Main Attraction with Philip and Paul is the main one that comes to mind, but cos that was slightly earlier - and south london - they may have missed it just due to age.



A rare underground exclusive uk grime studio set recorded in 2001.

This is one hour of non-stop Dizzee Rascal and DJ Slimzee at their very best.

It was recorded in a studio for a Sidewinder promotion CD so the sound quality is excellent. DJ Slimzee plays the darkest garage/ sub-low / GRIME tracks and Dizzee does his thing on the mic.

matt b

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Well, I thought we had a tape crackers thread already, but the search is unforthcoming.

The dvd arrived today and I immediately put it in the dvd player.

A bloke sat down, played and discussed a number of his most important tapes recorded off mid/late 90s jungle pirate radio. Rude FM!

What could be better?

Ahh, in the last 10 minutes he shows off his tape pack and more importantly, his Moschino jeans selection. Awesome.

Love it.
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