Resonance FM 2 June: A Brief History Of Grime Tapes


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Well, I thought we had a tape crackers thread already, but the search is unforthcoming.

The dvd arrived today and I immediately put it in the dvd player.

A bloke sat down, played and discussed a number of his most important tapes recorded off mid/late 90s jungle pirate radio. Rude FM!

What could be better?

Ahh, in the last 10 minutes he shows off his tape pack and more importantly, his Moschino jeans selection. Awesome.

Love it.

I felt I was in the room with him, it was excellent. When he was talking about the smaller stations and all the other stuff.

I need to speak to him to see if he has any DJ Freestyle tapes, he was the DJ after Heartless on mission, one the best garage DJs I have ever heard

Diggedy Derek

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Luka – I thought you might say that, and I put a question on this to them during the show. The reason there's not much Deja or Nasty Crew stuff, say, is partly because of where they were based and what stations they could pick up. As we discuss at the start of the show, this is just one personal slice thru grime.

It would be impossible to be objective with grime, given it's chaotic and complex nature – part of the wonder of it, of course. So we stated up front that these are personal favourites.

Benny B

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Listening to the ice rink megamix set now. What's that incredibly fucked riddim near the beginning with Riko on it, just before the Ice rink mix. Must be Wiley I suppose, is it some remix of Ice Rink?


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fair enough i suppose and h did say he wasnt living in london when grime was happening which i guess is why theres a lot of tape pack stuff etc. the bits he did play are amazing and made m spnd the whole day listening to grime basically.


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you can watch it on boilerroom tv but i can understand that some of you might not wanna do that cos of ethics

you have to sign up as well