Producers/Musicians Who Disappear

Don't really know if this actually worthy of discussion or if it's just a half-hearted ramble, but I've spent most of the morning listening to Waifer stuff-

mostly this

- and it got me thinking about the fact that the vast majority of my favourite MCs and producers are ones who really only existed (in this sense) very briefly, and are quite likely to be forgotten by everyone but the nerds and obssessives, i.e. me.

I'm not really just suggesting it's a grime thing either, although that's obviously a reference point. There must be so many people out there who- to you- are some colossally talented people but they drifted away after a couple of releases.

Anyway yeah I am rambling.



dj oddz :(

blazey @ grimeforum said:
Dude is living as a man of faith in Cardiff inshallah, he chucked all music related shit out in the trash, trust me I was devastated when he told me

apple hasn't done anything since mr. bean/siegalizer.

i was playing eric h's 'the lights' the other night and thinking the same thing. think he only had two releases.

for that matter, what's slimzee doing? obviously he's in a different category, having done so much, but he hasn't really been around since 2004/5. i know he had an asbo. and i remember a RWD interview where he said the rise of the MC was putting him off. since then i've only noticed the odd special appearance (i was lucky to be at his birthday bash in 2005). he, more than anyone, got me into grime and all the rest.


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slimzee still pops up on rinse and at clubs etc. i think geeneus will always give him some work.

guys like waifa and monksta though, who knows. im sure footsie said monksta had become a christian.

but theres so many producers who had a few good releases and then went away. its the same for jungle, garage, dubstep etc etc.
I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up years ago to be honest. And yes toasty boy is a very good shout, along with all the producers that flirted with the whole breakstep side of things. Part of the problem with dubstep is that so many producers think there is a rule that there is only one kind of drum pattern in the scene. We've had halftime drowning everything else out for years and it's foolish that so few people have moved on. The kind of skunked out snares you got in Youngsta sets circa 05/06 were great, but the pale imitation you get from bedroom producers since then is too weak and formulaic. It's like in the 2-step era where to consciously go after a chart position they decided to cut out the bass and watered down the drums. Result: the songwriting may have been good but the beats were at times like painting by numbers.

Benny B

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There are two from the UK Funky scene that still bother me.

Dubplate Wonder: had tons of great tunes, hardly any released officially AFAIK and now impossible to get hold of. That Wonderland ´09 mix he did of his own tunes was great, and Tim Finney wrote a good blog post about him here

Royal P: AFAIK only two tunes were ever available from her, but ´Between us´was a mini masterpiece that made Cooly G look shit in comparison IMO. I´ve asked about her before on here and someone said she´d just decided to pack it in. A real shame.


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Dark Knight who had a few funky tracks in 09. That was rumoured to be someone under an alias though.

Active Minds of Hobson's Choice fame also
I suspect that producers of one off tunes often aren't technically adept and had it engineered by someone else. The release may have been a success but they'd rather not pay another 300 pounds on studio fees anytime soon.

Then there's the question of was it the engineer who made the tune great or was it the 'producer'.


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I think Toasty announced his retirement from music on DSF a few years ago. While I'm here, what happened to Mr Mageeka?

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While I'm here, what happened to Mr Mageeka?

He had that 'Vintage Malarkey' EP out late last year I think so he's probably still active. Its pretty good but not as great as Different Lextrix I thought. Some good unreleased stuff on youtube though. David M's been playing quite a lot of his tracks so he may be the man to ask.


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Not the same guy I think. Just checked discogs and it's a duo, DJ Redz and Jess Jackson.
One of whom is surely a contender to knock that Dem2 photo off the top spot.