I want to watch something funny


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I like Only Fools and Horses. Partridge is definitely head and shoulders above most UK comedy from the past couple decades. No point defending Seinfeld to the doubters - if you don't like it, you don't like it, but I really do.


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King of the Hill has some funny moments.

Personally, I love Seinfeld, if only for Jason Alexander playing George Costanza:



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I usually hate comedians with a vengeance, but Louis CK is a genius although no movie...

Louis CK
Also, his DVD is very buyable, DRM less & seems like an all around good guy.

As for movies and since you were asking even for obvious ones, here's a few from the last 30 ish years one should've seen which I haven;t seen mentioned.

Monty Python, either The Holy Grail, or, Life of Brian.

Army of Darkness

Black Cat, White Cat

Pixar's Monsters' inc



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what's the feeling about "noel fielding's luxury comedy"? any show along those lines is so far out compared to our generally terrible tv choices here in the states that i think it's pretty decent, but not sure if i have a biased perspective. do people over there dig it?


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I haven't seen the show, but LOOK AT NOEL FIELDING.

He is a monumental cunt. Julian Barratt (sp?) carried the Mighty Boosh.

I think you have better comedy in the States, tbh.


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I think you have better comedy in the States, tbh.

maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. and when i said that, i was thinking of new-ish/current tv, not seinfeld/arrested development, etc. of newer shows, the only ones i try to watch are probably "louie", "it's always sunny in philadelphia", "workaholics" (sometimes), "weeds" (sometimes). i have to believe the UK has at least that many decent programs.


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Nobody's mentioned 30 Rock yet? It's awesome, apart from the first few episodes, which suck


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Not watching, but listening - the Greg Proops podcast ("The Smartest Man in the World") is great, he's not only very funny but enormously likeable.

I loved Grandma's House (both series) but I know a lot of people struggled with it. It is excruciating at times, more cringey than Curb, Peep Show or The Office and (like Arrested Development, which I also rate very highly) the jokes don't make sense unless you've watched from episode 1. But it is still great, and rewards repeated viewings, some excellent performances by the whole cast.

All-time, though? The Day Today.


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Grandma's House was great - Amstell is enormously likeable too. Rebecca Front is of course the link with The Day Today - considering she's been in Nighty Night and The Thick of It (feeling conflicted about Iannucci's right to lampoon narcisssitic politicians since he took that OBE tho), she's probably been in more good comedy stuff over the years than anyone, with precious little praise.

Not sure whether I prefer The Day Today or On the Hour - I thought it maybe worked even better on radio (and with Blue Jam, there's an argument that Chris Morris is even better at making radio than he is making TV)
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Nobody's mentioned 30 Rock yet? It's awesome, apart from the first few episodes, which suck

I watched one episode of this and was put off - but given what you say, maybe it was one of the first few episodes. I like Tina Fey, so i'll try again.


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waited out the snow storm this past weekend watching most of season 2 of "friday night dinner" on youtube. entirely predictable once you know the basic premise and standard gag lines but i thought it was funny. apparently, "monk" 's tony shalhoub has been cast as the father for a US version (will he walk around the house with no shirt on?), to be done by the guy who adapted "the office" over here.


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I watched a few episodes of 'Girls' (HBO show) and found the scriptwriting very funny. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did given what I'd read about the show, but hey, take things as you find them

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I watched this the other day, thanks for the link. My god those guys have got some balls! Top trolling of some pretty cunty companies. It's like watching Chris Morris if he had a social conscience.

I thought it was a bit low of the newsreader (John Snow, I think) interviewing one of the guys after their Bhopal hoax to immediately ask him if he felt bad for falsely raising the hopes of survivors of the disaster - but it was cheering to see that when they went to Bhopal, the local people of course understood that this was probably the biggest thing any outsiders had so far done to raise awareness of their situation.

The SurvivorBalls sequence was fucking amazing, too.