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OK so I cut and pasted the lists we already had together, this is what we've got to play with so far.

I done a bit of editing to take out doubles and organise it a little bit . The grime list is v messy but I didn't where to start with it as you can see?

Let me know if I've missed any and I'll add them in as this is a work in progress - no doubt there are a many mistakes/double nominations/tunes that fall outside the noughties time frame/ tunes with questionable nuum credentials/overlooked classics etc not in the list yet (use ctrl-F command on your keyboard to search this page)


-You can vote for up to 50 tracks (or less if you want)
-Please try to put at least your top ten in order of preference (tunes in top your top ten will receive extra points, exact system still to be confirmed)
-Lists given in random order are ok too if you can't be arsed (each tune will receive 1 point)
-If you want to vote for something not in the list, nominate it in this thread so I can add it in
-PRIVATE MESSAGE your ballot to me, don't post it on here yet til after the votes have been counted
-To make it easier for me to count them, please use the following format: Artist name - track title
-Approach the voting however you like, personal faves, seminal classics, whatever pops into your head at random - its all fine by me.


Wise *
Vic Serotonin
Big Nose
Owen Griffiths*
Tentative Andy*
Tom Fun
Benny B*
Mercer Finn*

*ballot received
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Tadow - Rising Sun
DJ Naughty - Goosebumps
Lil silva – no hooks
Lil Silva - Seasons
Lil Silva - Pulse Vs flex
Lil Silva - Different
Lil Silva - Nightskanker
Lil Silva - Against Yaself
Ill Blu - Green Light, 321 - , , ,
Ill Blu - Bring it back remix
Ill Blu - Meltdown
Ill Blu - Time to get nasty
Ill Blu - Frontline
Ill Blu – Blu Magic
Hardhouse Banton - Sirens,
Hardhouse Banton - Reign
Fuzzy Logik - What goes around,
Fuzzy Logik - Leader,
Fuzzy Logik - Lush remix,
Fuzzy Logik - The way you move,
Fuzzy Logik - in the Morning
Fuzzy Logic - Twiss
Xara/S.chu - You got me
Mad One - House girls,
Mad One and Murdz 86 - People keep dancing,
Mad One, Gotta Have it
Mad one - house girls part 7 (no war inside)
Funkystepz - For u,
Funkystepz - Funky sound,
Funkystepz - whispers
Crazy Cousinz - Inflation,
Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam,
Crazy Cousinz - Do you mind,
Crazy Cousinz - Always be my my baby
Crazy cousins – sonar
Meleka - Go - Crazy Cousinz remix
Major Notes - friend of mine
DJ Naughty - Sea sick
DJ Naughty - follow me remix
DJ Naughty - domino effect remix
DJ Naughty - Quicktime, , , ,
DJ Naughty - The Music
Fives - It's what you do
Wookie - Falling
Perempay & Dee - In the Air,
Perempay & Dee - Buss it,
Perempay & Dee - Be your girl remix
Sticky - Jumeirah riddim,
Sticky - How very dare you
Undisputed - Sunglasses
Champion - Motherboard,
Champion - Bad Girl remix,
Champion - Shadows of love remix
Apple - Mr Bean
Funky Twinz - Smile
Geeneus - Yellowtail, ,
Geeneus - As I
Geeneus and ms dynamite – get low
Royal P - Between Us
Ossie - Set the tone, Tarantula
NB Funky - Riddim Box
Seany B - Make your move,
Seany B - Stomper
Chuck Dem Gee - Round and round
El-B - I feel
I got U - Delio D'Cruz Supa funky mix
I want it all - Ed case funky mix
Nobody - DJ Oji sanctuary vocal
Shea Soul - Playin tricks
Funk Butcher - Pull me close
Invasion (OB and Fingaprint) - Takeover,
Invasion (OB and Fingaprint) - Just leave,
Invasion (OB and Fingaprint) - Everybody remix
Dubplate Wonder - My Love
Swindle - No more
D-Malice - Gabryelle rexix
Rudimental - Sexy sexy,
Rudimental - Want you back
Donaeo - African Warrior,
Donaeo - i'm fly,
Donaeo - party hard
Migraine skank
El-b – I feel
Roska - feeline
Roska – I need love
Roska - sqwark
Roska – Pyramids
roska - without it
Roska - Pyramids
KIG – head, shoulders, knees, toes
MJ Cole – volcano riddim
Sticky – jumeirah riddim
Altered natives – rass out
NB funky – take it back to the 80s
NB Funky - riddim box
Scratcha DVA - Polyphonic Dreams
Scotty D & Slim Ting – Liberty
Apple – Segalizer
Tadow – Hornz
Mario – Bloodclart Bass
D Malice - My Joy refix
Cooly G - Narst
Altered Natives - Rass Out
Scratcha - Jelly Roll
DVA - Natty
Apple - Mr Bean
Emvee - Glitch Dub
D Malice - Gabryelle Remix
Scotty D vs Slim Ting - Liberty
Bok Bok & L-Vis - I Want You
Jan Driver - Rat Alert
R1 Ryders - Ricochet
Doc Daneeka - Hold On
Attaca Pesante – Make It Funky For Me
Emvee – Windrush
Sony – Sugar Rush
Rudimental ft MC Shantie – Deep In The Valley
DJ NG ft Katie B – Tell Me
DJ MA1 – Give It Up
GuGu – AC Riddim
Sunday Roast – Occuring,
Sunday Roast - La Kettle
Jook 10 – Bounce,
Jook 10 - Hazard
SMI – 60 Hertz
Riko – Ice Rink (Grievous Angel remix)
Grievous Angel – Move Down Low VIP
DJ Mystery ft Natalie K – Speechless
Black Biscuit – Skanking The Hardest
Cooly G – Love Dub, Up In My Head
Royal P – Like That
Andy J & ST – Crunk/Crunk VIP
Smoove Kriminal – Stop That
Ossie – Ossie Baba
Pearson Sound – Wad
Estho – Bitch (Funkystepz remix)
T Williams – Heartbeat (Mosca remix & Paul Woolford remix)
CRST – Good Love (Doc Daneeka remix)
Major Notes – Hell No
Major Notes ft Dappa – March To The Tribal
Lil Silva – Golds To Get
Mad One/Devine Recordings – House Girls pt 6
DJ G Smalls – Monster Jam pt 3
Aramac – Hurt Inside
Swindle ft Shea Soul – Freeze
Screama & Farah – Kiss Me There, I Can’t Lose
Miss Fire – Lost In Your House,
Miss Fire - Take Off Your Clothes
Fis-T – Night Hunter
Mercurial Myrmidon – Hey Bongo remix
Undisputed – Terror VIP
D Double E – Reign freestyle
J Bevin – Zulu
Hard House Banton – Colonel
Greenmoney ft Mz Bratt – Who’s Greenmoney?
Naughty Raver – Tease Me (After Dark remix), Drama
Redlight ft Roses Gabor – Stupid
Redlight – Planet X
LR Groove – The Key, The Groove
scottie b ft. jay elle - feel nice, feel right
natalie may - clothes off
r1 ryders - karni4
mr mageeka - different lekstrix
Barber Bizzle Ft MIss Fire - Do You Feel The Same
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El-B - Every Little Thing - off El-Breaks 3
Donae'o - My Philosophy (Bounce) -
Horsepower - Giving Up On Love
Ghost (El-B) - Lyrical Tempo
Brasstooth - Celebrate Life (El-B Remix)
Nitin Sawhney - Sunset (MJ Cole Remix)
Jill Scott - Getting in the Way (MJ Cole Remix)
De La Soul - Ain't All Good (MJ Cole Remix)
Ashanti - Only You (Juicy Joints 4x4 Dub) - could also go under bassline I guess?
Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Raffles Mix)
Nutty Dread Records - NUTTY 3 So Sweet EP
Delinquent - My Destiny (Nu Skool 2 Step Mix)
Obzee + Pedro - Your Love
Heartless Crew - The Heartless Theme
El-b - El-Brand
El-b - Bubble
Da Flex & El-B - When I Fall In Love (Vocal Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Jump & Shout (Dem 2 remix)
Allstars - Hotboy
Sunship - Cheque 1-2
MJ Cole - Crazy Love
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
So Solid Crew Oh no
So Solid Crew Dilema,
So Solid Crew No good etc
Hardcore Garage
Horsepower - Gorgon Sound
TJ Cases - You Bring Me Joy
Sweet Female attitude - Flowers
Todd Edwards - Shut The Door
El-B - The Club
El-B - Digital
El-B - Feelings Inside (EL-Breaks)
El-B - Moving Up
El-B – Buck And Bury
B-15 project - Girls Like Us
DJ Pied Piper - Do you really like it
Artful Dodger - Woman Trouble
Artful Dodger – Movin' Too Fast
N'n'G feat Kallghan - Right Before My Eyes
Gabriel (Large Joints Remix)
Oris Jay - Biggin Up The Massive
Architechs feat. Nana - Body Groove
Shanks and Bigfoot - Sing-A-Long
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood
Leee Johns - Your mind, your body, your soul
Lavonz - Mash up da venue
Monsta boy - sorry
Genius cru - Boom Selection
Genius cru - Course Bruv
Pay as u go - Know We
Zed Bias - Jigga Up (Ring The Alarm)
DnD - Diamond rings
DnD - Got myself together
DnD & Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta get through this
Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Bump & Flex Dancehall Dub)
AKA warning - sunship remix
ES dubs - urban myth
Architechs - Body Groove
suburban lick - Here comes the lick
Valerie M - Tingles 2000 (Artful Dodger Remix)
Corrupted Cru - ‘G.A.R.A.G.E.’ ,
Menta ‘Sounds of da Future’
Jammin’- ‘Go DJ’
So solid- 21 seconds
, They don't know
dj faz - Believe
beatfreakz - Twelves
stush - dollar sign
Zoom and DBX - ‘Comin Again'
Ms Dynamite - Booo
Sovereign - Mya /Case of the ex remix
Agent x - Decoy
Dubaholics- Saturday (Dubaholics Smasher Remix)
/Beautiful (Dubaholics Full Vocal Remix)
Frances James + DJ Face: Girls Play Too (Baffled remix)
Stone Kold Joints: Wicked Press
Wideboys - Black Coffee (The Wideboys Espresso Mix)
Wideboys - Sing-A-Long (Wideboys dub Remix)
Wideboys - Felon Get Out (Wideboys Felon Your Feet Mix)
DJ Narrows - If they knew...,
Dreams, Saved Soul, Overture
Blowfelt - Lickle Roller
Jameson - True
Bad Boy (AKA Artwork?) - Bad Boy[/URL]
Sticky - Triplets
Azzidio the Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Maas RMX)
DJ Abstract – Touch
Jason K - Soundbwoy
Wookie - Hype up
Wookie – Down On Me
Wookie - Battle,
Wookie - What's Going On?
Wookie - Storm
Wookie - Scrappy
Wookie - Little man remix
Roxy - Morse Code
Exemen - duppy
Menta - Ramp
Phoenix- If I feel better (Todd Edwards Mix)
Drama- Dont Give Up
Ettiene De Crecy- Scratched (DJ Hype mix)
Dixie Peach- Gwarn (Mr Bumpy Mix)
Todd Edwards- Never Leave
DJ Luck & MC Neat- A little bit of Luck
Hakan Lidbo- Walk Away- (Todd Edwards mix)
Brasstooth- Celebrate Life (El-B Remix)
United Grooves Collective- Glad You Came to Me (Steve Gurley Mix)
EL-B & Roxy- Deep Deep Love
Etienne De Crecy- Scratched (DJ Hype mix)
Scratcher & Kobie - Take Off / The Vibe (DJ Faz Remix)
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Dizzee Rascal- Get By
Dizzee Rascal- Do It
Wiley- Firefly
Bossman- Bongo Eyes
Macabre Unit- Sense
Jon E Cash- Reverse
Lethal B - Pow
Wiley + Trim - Talaban
Durrty Goodz - Give Me the Music
Trim - Notorious
Roll deep - when I'm ere
Trim - the lowdown (Wiley's fire hydrant riddim)
Lighterflash - Durrty Goodz
Oddz - Bladerunner
Macabre Unit ‎– Lift Off
Dizzee Rascal - Champion Hoe
Allstars - Hotboy
wiley wd25
sharkie major - this ain't a game
r u double f - ruff sqwad
Musical mob - Pulse X
bigshot - glitch
danny weed - Creeper, Salt Beef
More Fire Crew - oi
black ops - War
Geeneus/Wizzbit - Jam hot
alias - warrior
ruff squad - Anna, RUFF,
XTC - Havana (or whatever its called)
rebound x
Trim - Boogeyman, signal, get with it
Riko - Chosen One
Terror danjah et al - Cock back, Trim - Boogeyman, Zumpi Hunter, Code Morse (with D.O.K.)
Dizzee - I luv U, Stop Dat, Ho, Vexed, etc...
Wiley - eskimo, ice rink, Crash Bandicoot freestyle etc etc etc etc etc etc...
Roll Deep - Bounce etc...
Hindzy D - Submarine
Jameson - Switch
Wiley – Wot U Call It?
Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U
More Fire Crew – Oi!
Roll Deep – Heat Up
Crazy Titch – Gunshot Riddim
Ruff Sqwuad – Xtra
Newham Generals – Frontline
Jon E Cash – War
Wiley – Ice Rink
Wiley – Pulse Eskimo (?)
Musical Mobb – Pulse X
DJ Oddz – Strung Up VIP
Danny Weed – Creeper
SX – Woo Riddim
Joker – Stuck In The System
Ruff sqwad vs roll deep – all day long
Dizzee rascal feat d double e– give u more
musical mob vs dizzee rascal - i luv pulse x
Terror danjah – radar
Dexplicit – ave some of dat
Wiley – blizzard
Mark one – plodder
Plasticman – rude boy
Dexplicit – firebell
Geeneus – old school
Tubby – steppa
Waifa – gunman skank (i think its this one - tubby used to play it a lot though i might have the name wrong)
Skepta – private caller
So solid crew – whoa
Footsie – scars 2
Scratchy – trim and scratch instrumental
Tempa t – boy off da ting
BigShot - Glitch
Oddz -Toothache
Kano – boys love girls
Dj spooky – Spartan
Various – stage show riddim
Wiley – Ground Zero
Ivan O – Come Again
Dexplicit – Victory (D.O.K Remix VIP)
Dizzee Rascal – Hoe
Waifer – Grime Riddim
Davinche – Eyes On You
Terror Danjah – Creepy Crawler
Rapid – Night Rider
XTC – Havana
Skepta – Autopsy
Geeneus – Thunder (Marsta Remix)
Eastwood & Oddz – Champion VIP
Silencer – World War 4
Footsie – Scars 2
Young Dot – Bazooka
Lewi White – Gunshots Blow
Spyro – Shadow Boxing
Shotz – Thundercatz
Target – Earth Warrior
Low Deep – Str8 Flush
Flirta D – Warp Speed
DEE – Birds In The Sky
Roachee – All Day Long
Youngstar – Bongo Madness
Jammer, Wiley, Kano etc – Destruction VIP
Wiley – Pum Pum Riddim (Durty Goodz vocal)
Crazy Titch – Singalong
Tinchy Stryder – Underground
Ruff Sqwad – Ruff Sqwad Mandem
Skepta – Stageshow Riddim
Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash
Kano – What Have You Done?
Chronik – Way Down The Road
Lady Sov – Cha Ching
Dexplicit – Bullacake
The Endz – Are You Really From The Endz?
Young Dot – Ergh Yeah
Frisco – Skengman Mode
Lumidee – Never Leave You (Target remix)
Macabre Unit - Lift Off
Starkey ft Dirty Goodz – Gutter Music
Swindle – Airmiles
Trim – The Way I Am

Alias – Heat / Warriors / Warriors VIP
(As an alias of Alias) Studio Gangsters – Step Off
Davince – Last Night / Eyes On You
Danny Weed – Creeper
Macabre Unit – System / Lift Off / Lift Off VIP / Everyday Life
Wizzbit – Jam Hot / Jam Hot 2 / Jam Nite / Old School
Fyrus – Jaws / Operatic / War Riddem
Wonder – 8th wonder of the world / What
Wiley – Countless titles, but the ones that stand out are Dragon stout / Morgue / Eskimo 3 / Ice Rink
Imp Batch – Fusion (or whatever the instrumental was to crazy t’s singalong)
DJ Marsta – Gridlocked / Fibre / Gridlocked VIP / Straight Instrumental / Grover (this and the flip are some of the best grime instrumentals ever)
Eastwood – U Aint Ready / Champion VIP
Sticky – Paccman / (there was a white label remix of this not on discogs I have too)
Virgo – Monster
Dizzee Rascall (although I heard a fable that these early tunes were made by Wiley, for dizzee to release, to gain awareness around his name) – Hoe / Go / Strings
Unknown – It’s okay to creep
Hinzy D/Bionix (later found out bionix hadn’t made this and had catted the tune from Hinzy, quite a par as bionix got a feature in RWD around the time the tune dropped) – Target / Target VIP
Plasticman – Shockwave / Lift Off
Bossman – Bongo Eyes Reverse / Bongo Eyes / Bongo Eyes VIP
Statik – The Charge
J Sweet – Gutter / Gutter (Alias 4X4 Remix) / Kerb
Jammer – F. Hydrant / Platoon / Destruction / Rewind (Think this is what it’s called, it’s the one that had on the flip the Dizzee & Durtty Goods vocal ‘Stretch’ doogzy make em stretch, girls make em stretch, paper make it stretch etc...)
Shotz – Creep / Hollow
Terror Danjah – Basically everything on After Shock, love his stuff, including all the R&G edits.
Rebound X - Rhythm & Gash
wizzbit - asterdoids / aquarius
Centurions - Aeries
macabre unit - dem no ready / its all about / take time
davince - buzz lighyear / Madness
big$hot - stomp / license to stomp / glitch (can probably be cross reff'd in 4x4/bassline too)
2 Good To Be True – U Ain't Ready (Remastered) (basically a variation of Eastwood's U Aint Ready, easily the best version, this or the clash version, one released on black magic, the other released on southside)
DJ Oddz - Strung Up / VIP / Breakbeat / Gangster (Love this one) / Bump Dis (check the grooves in the record - YOUR BARRED & BIG UP RINSE FM)
DJ Wire - Believe Me / Last Chance (X-Ref with Bingo Beats style stuff, zinc etc..)
Musical Mob Royale - Salsa (and the remixes) / Pulse Y / Pulse XYZ / Pulse X / Full Moon
DJ Charmzy - Concentration / How we get down an R / R-Ha / (VIP) / Rollercoaster
DJ Dread D (now T-Williams) - Invasion / Invasion VIP
Jon E Cash - Kettle / Kettle VIP / Spanish Fly / Hoods UP / Horns (on the flip of the re-issue of Invasion by dread D) / Spanish (Original to the fly version, the better one of the two)
Wiley (cont...) - Igloo / Pulse Eskimo / I will not lose (the remix on the flip of snowcat is seeeeeeerious) / They should know / avenger
Outlaw Breaks (TNT) (An alias for Target & somebody else) - Nissi / Unique / Transmission
Bionix vs Diesel (whether or not he did make this tune is unknown for me, probably was Diesel on his own though judging by bionix track record....anyway, if, like me, you wondered what that tune was Titch was spitting over just before he beefs with Dizzee, look no further) - Electro (the first tune in this vid, it's diff version that got rlsd to the one that's in conflict though - i think?!)
Think that’s me done for now as I really should be working, but couldn’t resist making this list.
DJ Virus - Rudesting
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T2 – Heartbroken
DJ Q feat. MC Bonez – You Wot
DJ Pantha – Candy Shop
TRC feat. Tonia Kodh – Smile
Benga & Coki – Night
T2 – Why
JTJ Productions – Stand Up
Bass Boy feat. K Dot – Get Milli Get Mad
Burgaboy feat. Addictive – Right There
Cheeksta – Baby (TS7 Remix)
Murkz & Dre – Manny Man
Mr V – Hypnotiq
Bassboy feat. Trill – Etap Riddim
Screama – Gangsta
JTJ feat Sacha – No Means No
Mr Figz – Rain
TS7 feat. Addictive – Candy Rain
DJ Q – Fear
Andy M feat. Amnesia – Pum Pum Huge
DS1 feat. Tez Kidd – Get Twist
Nastee Boi feat. Trilla – G Star
Bass Boy feat Slick Don & SG – Ohhhhh Yessssss
Piddy Py - Giggle riddim
JTJ Productions - It's you
Subzero ft. Sacha - Cheat on you
Dizzee Rascal - Flex (DJ Q remix)
Burgaboy ft. Teresa - You lied
Ear Dis - Hey Girl (T2 remix)
dj q ft. lenky - dc gang

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Coki- Shattered
Quest- Seafront
Loefah- Mud
Kingdom - Mind Reader (Todd Edwards Vocal Remix)
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's a Computer
All Soundbwoy Out (Loefah) - Asbo
King Midas Sound (w/an assist to Derrick May + C2) - One Ting (Dabrye Remix)
Joker - Stuck In the System, Digidesign
Guido - Beautiful Complications, Tantalized
Mala - Alicia
DMZ - Neverland
DMZ - Pathwayz
Shackleton - Hypno Angel
Vaccine - Wishful Thinking
Kode9 + Spaceape - Sine of the Dub
Rusko - Love Is Real
Benny Ill & Hatcha - Highland Spring
Vex'd - Angels
Magnetic Music - Find My Way - Kode 9 remix
mala - education
shackleton - something has got to give
Skream – Midnight Request Line
Digital Mystikz – Haunted
Skream – I (Loefah RMX)
Loefah – Mud
Kromestar – Kalawanji
Plastician – Japan (SKEPTA vocal)
Newham Generals – Hard
Wonder – What (Geeneus RMX)
Wonder – What
D1 – Crack Bong (Loefah RMX)
D1 – I Believe
Mala – Bury The Bwoy
Mala – Lean FWD
Joker – Hollybrook Park
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
Benga – Flame
Pinch – Qawaali
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub
Toasty – Angel
Toasty – Knowledge
Zomby – Tarantula
Jakes – boom boom bass
Caspa – terminator
Digital mystikz – intergalactic
Skream ft warrior queen – check it
Coki – tortured
loefah - disko rekah
parson - throw some ds
artwork - red
Joker – purple city
Pinch – qawaali
Mala - Blue Notez
Untold - Anaconda
Dizzee Rascal - Graftin
Loefah - Jungle Infiltrator
Loefah - I Remix
Digital Mystikz - Conference
Quest - Stand
Silkie - Test
D1 - Crack Bong
Skream - Afeks
Benga - Walkin Bass
Kode9 - Kingstown
Horsepower - Voodoo Spell
Geoim - Reminissin'
Matty g – 50,000 watts
movado - gangsta for life (coki remix)/richie spice - burning (coki remix)
Appleblim – girder
Benga – Baltimore clap
D1 – ongie bongie
James blake – air and lack thereof
2562 – enforcers
King midas sound – meltdown
Darkstar – need you
Dismantle – computation
Distance - Nomad
Untold - Test Signal
Horsepower - Classic Delux
D1 – Crack Bong
Benga - Amber
Kode9 - Sin of the dub
The Bug - Skeng
Menta - Sounds of the future
Mala - left leg out
Ramadanman - Blimey
Toasty - Knowlage
Scuba - Resperator
Kode9 - magnetic city
Kode9 - 9 samurai
Pangaea - Coiled
Blackdown ‎– Lata
Untold - Anaconda
Loefah - Jah War rmx
DJ Abstract – Touch
Plasticman – Shockwave, White Gloves
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)
Loefah – Root, Midnight
Coki – Mood Dub, Robotnik
Burial – Southern Comfort, Pirates, Unite
Mala – Forgive
Vex’d – Pop Pop VIP
Jakes – 3Kout
Martyn – Vancouver
TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn remix)
D1 - BG
Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come
Joe – Rut, Claptrap
Pangea – Memories
Breach – Fatherless
Girl Unit – IRL
Kingdom – Pathfinder
Jam City - Arpjam
Zomby – Strange Fruit
Joker & Ginz – Purple City
Rustie & Joker – Play Doe
Rustie – Zig Zag, Bad Science
Guido – Orchestral Lab
Mark One - Raindance
Darqwan - Gud money
Benny Ill & DJ Hatcha – Crazy Intro
Loefah - Horror Show
Horsepower - Smokin
Benga – Skank
Horsepower Productions – Pimp Flavours, Fat Larry’s Skank
Coki - Earth a run red
Pinch - Qawwali
Peverelist - The Grind
High Plains Drifter – Sholay
Tubby - Steppa
Artwork- Rank
Coki- Lost City
Coki- Haunted
Mala- Neverland
Loefah- Mud
Loefah & Skream- Fearless
Tubby- Steppa
Slaughter Mob- Thriller Funk
Skream- Midnight Request Line
Benga & Coki- Night
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Afronaught - Transcend Me (Anthem ay co op)
BB Boogie - Tell Him (Same as above)
Seiji - Loose Lips (As above)
Mark Force - Gypo
Tubby T - Ready She Ready (Seiji Mix)
Cousin Cockroach - This Ain't Tom & Jerry
Jazztronik - Samurai
Dom Um Romao - Lake Of Perseverance (Seiji Mix)
Lekan Babalola - Aso Kere (IG Culture Mix)
Nepa Allstars - The Way
Rima - Forward
Nutmeg - Bicycle Kick
Sunship - Almighty Father (Solid Groove Mix)
Domu - Worldwide (Solid Groove Mix)
Son Of Scientist - Theory Beats (Mixed over slightly older nu jazz records)
Patterns Included - Boogie Bwoy Skank (Brock Bass Mix)
Ty - Wait A Minute
Zumen - Rolexxx
Vikter Duplaix - Looking For Love (Bugz In The Attic Mix)
Charlie Keltner Project - Airto (Modaji Mix)
Izzi Dunn - Betcha Did
Mark De Clive Lowe - Move On Up (Dub)


call me big papa
Cheers for compiling this all Benny!

So how does this work? How many nominations each, or does that depend on how many people participate?

Also I don't know whether to just find (say)20 tunes I'm familiar with and love and go for that, or to listen to every tune on there and pick the 20 best according to my highly tuned musical taste.

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Cheers for compiling this all Benny!

So how does this work? How many nominations each, or does that depend on how many people participate?

Also I don't know whether to just find (say)20 tunes I'm familiar with and love and go for that, or to listen to every tune on there and pick the 20 best according to my highly tuned musical taste.
I think everyone should be allowed up to 50 votes. A top ten in order of preference and an extra 40 votes worth 1 point each. Tunes in the top 10 are awarded extra points according to their position.

Do you think that would work?

Also people can continue to add to the nominations list until we do the ballots.

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can we have a show of hands who's up for this? I'll keep a list of all the participants in the first post

would be nice if all the regulars got involved, Andy, Luka, Slackk, Blackdown, Owen, Ben UFO, Elijah, Wise, Padraig etc etc but really EVERYONE should vote to make it interesting, even if its just a top ten or something or it'll be crap


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50 tunes is a lot! Top tens would be better from my perspective.

Also, I like the reclassifying of night as a bassline tune.

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50 tunes is a lot! Top tens would be better from my perspective.
50 tunes isn't enough!

anyway i said up to 50 votes, you could submit less if you wan,t and you only have to worry about putting your top ten in order
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