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Nah - he was deep into it. Crowley, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Thule and Nazi occultism, Yeats & Golden Dawn, Gnosticism, alchemical transformation - Station to Station is essentially a Kaballistic incantation. There's no question he was an acolyte of Crowley's definition of magick as being an imposition of will on reality (see also Nietzsche's 'will to power').

You might dismiss the earlier references as a manifestation of youthful gladfly intellectualism, but by '76 there's no doubt that the occult had become an abiding influence something which cant be easily dismissed - simply because the references are so numerous & explicit.

EDIT: Some great stuff in this if you ignore the wildest claims: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/occult-universe-david-bowie-meaning-blackstar/

Even his biggest MOR mega hit wasnt immune. Let's dance - to the Sirius Moonlight.

Aliester Crowley said:
Come, my darling, let us dance
To the moon that beckons us
To dissolve our love in trance
Heedless of the hideous
Heat & hate of Sirius-
Shun his baneful brilliance!

Let us dance beneath the palm
Moving in the moonlight, frond
Wooing frond above the calm
Of the ocean diamond
Sparkling to the sky beyond
The enchantment of our psalm.

Let us dance, my mirror of
Perfect passion won to peace,
Let us dance, my treasure trove,
On the marble terraces
Carven in pallid embroeideries
For the vestal veil of Love.

Heaven awakes to encompass us,
Hell awakes its jubilance
In our hearts mysterious
Marriage of the azure expanse,
With the scarlet brilliance
Of the Moon with Sirius.

Velvet swatches our lissome limbs
Languid lapped by sky & sea
Soul through sense & spirit swims
Through the pregnant porphyry
Dome of lapiz-lazuli:-
Heart of silence, hush our hymns.

Come my darling; let us dance
Through the golden galaxies
Rythmic swell of circumstance
Beaming passion’s argosies:
Ecstacy entwined with ease,
Terrene joy transcending trance!

Thou my scarlet concubine
Draining heart’s blood to the lees
To empurple those divine
Lips with living luxuries
Life importunate to appease
Drought insatiable of wine!

Tunis in the tremendous trance
Rests from day’s incestuous
Traffic with the radiance
Of her sire-& over us
Gleams the intoxicating glance
Of the Moon & Sirius.

Take the ardour of my impearled
Essence that my shoulders seek
To intensify the curled
Candour of the eyes oblique,
Eyes that see the seraphic sleek
Lust bewitch the wanton world.

Come, my love, my dove, & pour
From thy cup the serpent wine
Brimmed & breathless -secret store
Of my crimson concubine
Surfeit spirit in the shrine-
Devil -Godess -Virgin -Whore.

Afric sands ensorcel us,
Afric seas & skies entrance
Velvet, lewd & luminous
Night surveys our soul askance!
Come my love, & let us dance
To the Moon and Sirius!



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"The mass outpouring of cheap, cloying emotion in the wake of Bowie's death was enough to turn the strongest stomachs. A mere pop star forced into the role of ersatz Saint, to the detriment and diminishment of all concerned"
Oliver Craner


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i dont but when i finally got around to listening to Blackstar i thought "this is alright sounds like a Ninja Tune album" Jaga Jazzist in particular


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i dont but when i finally got around to listening to Blackstar i thought "this is alright sounds like a Ninja Tune album" Jaga Jazzist in particular

Biggest cuss so far. Stiletto to the heart. Craner and Bartys bludgeons look crude in comparison.