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He invented jungle.
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The Bowie stuff starts here:
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You were right, but for the wrong reasons.

From that article:

"For all the sonic experimentation on display, very few effects were employed during the recording, not even the Eventide Harmonizer which Visconti had applied to live drums on Low after memorably informing Bowie and Eno that "it fucks with the fabric of time". Visconti only used it when mixing some of the Heroes album, and not the title track itself."

From Goldie's Autobiography:

...Mark (Mac - 4 Hero) was really open minded and he suggested we try using an HF 3000, which is an analogue harmoniser. You could say, play one note on a guitar and it would be harmonised by five notes above and five notes below. So I said: I wonder what happens if you put breakbeats into it?...

...The break was from James Brown's 'Funky Drummer', which everyone used right? But not this way. I started to really play with it and take it to the limit, without it falling out. It was contained within the two extremes. And it sounded brilliant - the pitch was going up but the speed stayed the same...

Conclusion: Bowie invented Jungle.


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Never really thought of it as Brian! It's a sample of the beginning of 'brother', isn't it, done by a 1974 sampler which has about 10ms of memory?
Big Brother is a fucking wonderfully mad track. Sounds like decaying totalitarian disco, and that wonderful double-vocalled acoustic interlude prior to the last
i always thought it was ' Riotriotriotriot riot ... ' what IS it ...


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Nah - he was deep into it. Crowley, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Thule and Nazi occultism, Yeats & Golden Dawn, Gnosticism, alchemical transformation - Station to Station is essentially a Kaballistic incantation. There's no question he was an acolyte of Crowley's definition of magick as being an imposition of will on reality (see also Nietzsche's 'will to power').

You might dismiss the earlier references as a manifestation of youthful gladfly intellectualism, but by '76 there's no doubt that the occult had become an abiding influence something which cant be easily dismissed - simply because the references are so numerous & explicit.

EDIT: Some great stuff in this if you ignore the wildest claims:
This makes station to station sound really good. I've only listened to hunky dory and low, both of which I liked a lot in my 20s, but never enough to pursue Bowie any further.


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not an enormous fan but still love the "diamond dogs" album. "station to station" was the first bowie album I even bought.


Yeah kids getting addicted to smack in Berlin, they go to a Bowie concert and he plays Station to Station and it goes fucking mental at that bit when it speeds up. Later on they are running through a subway or something being dickheads with Heroes or something playing.