Remember "journalism"?


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being understated seems to suit you, I think. can't imagine you engaging in such crass self-promotion. subtle seeding and gentle nudging can make things go viral too.


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Reuters have a new editor-in-chief now, the site's suddenly changed and they're talking about the news agency being "a drag on growth". Wonder if this is the beginning of the end and they're gonna end up selling it off to someone who'll dismantle it or just pull it into the gutter.
Just hit a paywall on their site for the first time and they're asking me to sign up. Guess they really are struggling.


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We are now looking for a Trainee Trends Writer to join our award-winning editorial team. You will be able to identify the latest search trends or the hot topics on social media, and know how to turn them into engaging digital content. You’ll cover a varied range of subjects from viral news to shopping, current affairs to must-see television - and deliver that content to a wider audience while retaining high standards of storytelling. You will know the key search terms needed and the ideal time and platform to optimise your stories.
saw this job listed the other day and it's one of the most depressing things I've ever seen. I get that newspapers need to chase revenue and page views but imagine being in your mid-20s, working through school and uni and all your placements and local newspapers, so you can chase a dream of... regurgitating content about Netflix shows and pictures of cats doing silly things.


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In this journey you're the journal, I'm the journalist. Am I eternal? Or an eternalist?