how much do you drink in a normal week?


Bamber Clatscoigne
Change in the weather. I have a slightly sore knee. But I did save a dove from a cat today.


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I don't drink very much since corona. The thought of a table, beers and cigarettes, smokey room, packed and noisy, talk and being with people until 5 when they close and then shambling through the city to home and bed, seems so foreign to me now even though it was a weekly occurrence not long ago.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
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Just do some DMT to rebuild the lost connections and restore yourself to the correct quantum vibration level. Easy peasy.


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Grim Britannia but so, so true. Had a couple of beers over summer (in the same day). Started yawning. Too hot. Alcohol has been a strange world. It’s this normalised position of ‘just going to the pub’ to crawling home, or ‘grip me a 6-er of strongbow when you’re at the shops’, to early onset dementia with a specific friend and worse.

Due to the love affair these islands have for booze, you’ll never see a brain image scan on a can or bottle. ‘Stop being a buzzkill’, ‘I’m an adult, I can handle it‘ etc. Got a big service review at work this week and a few bods are expecting the shitcan. Fucked up given the increase in referrals this year too. One for the Covid conspirabods there.