Recommendations required - top ten films (no wait - come back!)


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Isn't Starship Troopers already a CGI film? How can it be re-made?

Also, what's the difference between a Robocop re-make and a Robocop sequal? I presume they are not going to lift the first plot or re-write the script. Or are they?

Yawn, anyway.


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they should just do a sequel to dredd (which was quite a bit like robocop, without the pointlessness of being a remake no one needs and could not really be any better or offer anything particularly interesting that the original didnt - if they were allowing it to be something radically different then that would be great, but with these kinds of reboots, that would never be allowed)
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I don't get the marketing behind that kind of remake cos I can't imagine that many fans of the original who will be interested. I can see it winning new fans but why take the name? Does it need to be a remake to get made?
Good thread by the way.

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in advance of that totally unnecessary Robocop remake this guy did a pretty good Verhoeven retrospective and it reminded me some people argued about Starship Troopers a while back. anyway, don't agree w/all of it but it's pretty good. among other things he makes the best case I've ever seen for Showgirls not as camp but as a vicious if flawed send up of A Star is Born kind of Hollywood origin stories mythology.

and since I'm here talking about it anyway I'm kind of astounded that so many people now + then could fail to see Starship Troopers as satire. it couldn't be more obvious if there was a giant SATIRE subtitle at the bottom of the screen the whole time. I chalk a lot of it up to critics not having read the source novel - which is much closer to a libertarian sci-fi take on Plato's Republic than it is to Top Gun in space - and/or (less excusable for a film critic) not being familiar with Riefenstahl. it is a send-up, rather than celebration, of jingoism etc, and not just smug satire for elitists any more than Heinlein is smug militaristic space opera for elitists. it's not totally successful, true, but definitely satire.
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his girl friday
ferris bueller's day off
werkmeister harmonies
can't choose between any of jafar panahi's films, they're all astonishing and have changed my way of looking at the world/culture.
london by patrick keiller
8 1/2
in the mood for love
the cameraman (buster keaton)
fanny and alexander
f for fake
Ferris Beuller


Isn't Starship Troopers already a CGI film? How can it be re-made?
I don't think that remakes are only done cos now there is new technology to do the idea justice, occasionally they do one because they think that it will make more money. And I think one time there was actually someone who had a brilliant idea which would make the film so much better that it artistically justified doing again - although they never made that one.
I probably said earlier in the thread though that I guess I can allow people to make another attempt at a book, somehow that feels quite different to remaking the film, although often it is just a justification for simply remaking the film (quite possibly by someone who has never read the book).
But I guess by that rule ST could be allowed. Someone just happened to think that the book was so good they could make it into a film and, though they was disappointed to discoverer that there was already a version, decided to press on with his or her own take, making sure not to watch the other film or speak to anyone at all who had seen it.


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10 off the top of my head:

Wild Strawberries
Barry Lyndon
Before Sunrise
Rear Window
Seventh Samurai
Apocalypse Now
This is Spinal Tap

This will require revision.

Where the fuck is Lord of the Rings and Master and Commander, for example?


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Bang to rights.

OTOH I think those films are on that canonical list for a reason.

I'm scared to rewatch Barry Lyndon because I don't think it can possibly be as good as i thought it was